Palaces In Gujarat

The history of the state of Gujarat is very old and the visit to the state offers a mesmerizing experience to the visitors. The history of the state is beautiful in the aspect both culturally and in traditions. The historical forts and palaces in Gujarat speak about its rich history. The history of Gujarat goes back to medieval times and thus has the historical monuments that depict the architecture of that era. Few of the famous tourist’s points in the state are the Uparkot Fort, NazarBagh Palace, Kusum Vilas Palace and the attractive Dabhoi Fort. These palaces and forts are very rich in their historical depictions. Th two other forts that are located in the center of city of Jamnagar in the state of Gujarat that have their history linked to the medieval period are the Lakhota Fort and the KothaBasion. The Lakhota Fort in the current times has been today transformed into a museum and houses the historical statues that have belonged to the period starting from 9th century AD to 18th century AD.  The Kotha Bastion includes an old well and the water from the well can be extracted by puffing in the hole that is located on the floor on the monument. The monuments and the palaces have the architecture that is the combination of architecture that belongs to Hindu, Islamic and the European styles. This kind of architecture can be found at very few locations all over the country. The other attraction of these monuments is the use of wood to build the furniture that is place in the palace.

Famous Palaces in Gujarat

Vijay Vilas Palace – Palitana, Across Mandvi Beach, Bhavnagar

On the banks of the River Rukmavati at a distance of 8 kms from Mandvi is located the Palace Vijay Vilas. The Palace has now been transformed into an astonishing Heritage hotel that was constructed by Yuvraj Vijay Singh Ji of Palitana. The palace was built in the year in 1920 AD and was designed by the architects and the craftsmen who belonged to Jaipur. The architect of the Palace comprises of resemblance to the Rajput architecture that has raised domes in the center that stands on the pillars, the window panes are colorful, the “jalis” that are carved from the marble stones, the arched citadels located on the corners of the palace, stretched entrance and the walls are engraved with the carvings made out of stone. The domes on the sides of the palace are similar to the Bengal style. The palace has a private beach which provides the cool air to the visitors who stay in the tented accommodation. Many of the Bollywood movies have been shot herein the Vijay Vilas Palace.

AinaMahal (Old Palace) - Bhuj, Kutch

The history of the AinaMaha goes back to 18th century. The palace earlier was the hose of MaharaoLakhpatji that has presently converted into a museum since 1977. The museum is part of the old city of Bhuj. The name of the palace is because of the Hall that is mounted with the Mirrors from all sides. The museum has an architect that resembles the European style that was built by Ramsingh.

The Hall of mirrors has been built using white marble and has been covered decorated with mirrors and jewels. The tiles on the floor make it more attractive along with the raised platform that is encircled with the fountains. The other attraction of this hall is the chandelier that has been made of Venetian glass.

Prag Mahal - Bhuj, Kutch

The construction of the palace began in 1838 AD and was completed in the year 1876 under the reign of RaoPragmalji II. The work to build the Mahal was given to Colonel Henry Saint Wilkins who was one of the famous architects at that time. The architecture of the Mahalresembles the Gothic style and the total cost to construct the palace was Rs 31 lakhs. Few of the others who contributed in the construction of the Palace were the Italian engineers, artists and craftsmen. The Palace is located on the 45 foot height and hence gives the view of entire city of the Bhuj. The walls have been crafted with the European plants and animals. The pillars of the Palace resemble that of Corinthian style along with the jail work all over the palace.

Kusum Vilas Palace - Chotta Udepur

The architecture of the Kusum Vilas palace in Gujarat is marvelous that has a total of five-stories the central part of the palace with a crowned vault. The palace was constructed in the year 1920 by a Mumbai based architectural firm named as Bhatkar and Bhatkar. The light that passes through the carved jalis in the palace gives a mesmerizing view to the visitors. The palace was constructed in the in the 12thcentury that can be seen in its architecture that it has a grand reception with huge doors, engraved ceilings, furniture from France, marble from Italy and mirrors from Belgian. This palace has been official accommodation of the Royal family of ChotaUdepur.


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