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Digvir Nivas Palace Vansda Surat

Replete with variety of palaces and historical residential monuments belonging to the erstwhile maharajas of Gujarat, these structures add a special flavour in the world of the royalty. In the district of Surat, towards 140 kms from Vadodara, there is the place called Vansda which is a municipality area. It is spread over an area of about 557 sq kms, with Bilmora being the nearest station through broad gauge and Unai is the station with narrow gauge line. Plenty of social activities can be found in Vansda. Heritage properties are found in plenty in this city, with temples in numbers and plenty of Jainism influence. There are palaces for the royal people, mosques, dargah and religious activities are quite well known and rituals practised ceremoniously.

Digvir Nivas Palace

Digvir Nivas Palace has been in Vansda in Gujarat since many years now, being built in the earliest decade of 20th century. It can be said to be one of the finest examples of palace constructions in India. Located along the banks of River Kaveri in Vansda, the Digvir Niwas Palace was built by Maharaja Virsinhji in 1781. Newer additions and renovations were done by future rulers giving its present shape.


Aristocratic architecture and splendour is resplendent in Digvir Vilas Palace Vansda Surat. Remarkable feature of this particular palace starts from the very point of entry. Gate is decorated with plaster and chhatris in octagonal shapes are present on either side of the gate. Such a gate construction style, adds the necessary elegance to the entire palace. When tourists visit the palace, more of such architectural specialities await them. The entire palace is a low profile building in a linear fashion. Masonry is with ashlar stone in most parts of the building. All gateways of the palace itself are decorated with white plaster. Design features of Digvir Vilas palace include facades with carved balustrades, brackets, arches, pediments and columns. Verandahs are in semicircular or octagonal shapes. Inside the rooms, curved overhangs provide places for curtains, with columns for protection. Stained and coloured glasses have been used for adding a unique effect to the rooms. Top is covered by a steep mansard roof. This goes on to show that each of the design of Digvir Vilas Palace has been crafted with soft designs and intricate work. Manner in which the settings have been designed, reflect the British castle designs and French chateaux.

Along with the palace building, there is a gymkhana space adding further beauty to the palace. Some places resemble British cricketing pavilions with sloping roofs, trusses of wood and Mangalorean tiles. Many tourists arrive in Vansda in Surat to have a view of the various sightseeing places in the city, especially for checking out the marvellous structure of Digvir Nivas Palace Vansda Surat.

Reaching There

Vansda in Surat is reached easily through buses run by state transport corporation, as well as by private buses. Taxis are better way to communicate with this sightseeing place, because there is an abundance of time. Since the marvellous design and layout of the palace is worth watching, many people might get mesmerised and would therefore love to have their personal rides for sightseeing. Surat is located in the Mumbai–Delhi–Ahmedabad broad gauge line. Airport in Bhavnagar is nearest to Surat and many domestic airlines have their flights to Bhavnagar from Ahmedabad or from neighbouring cities in Rajasthan and Mumbai.

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Digvir Nivas Palace Vansda Surat
Digvir Nivas Palace Vansda Surat
Digvir Nivas Palace Vansda Surat
Digvir Nivas Palace Vansda Surat
Digvir Nivas Palace Vansda Surat
Digvir Nivas Palace Vansda Surat

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