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Sharad Baug Palace

The Palace was the house of the Royal family of MadanSingh . The last king of Kutch, Madansingh died in this place in the year 1991. The SharadBaug Palace once the house of Royal family has now been transformed into a museum and currently is adorned with the striking relics while the palace is surrounded by beautiful collection of numerous flowers and few of the medicinal plants and this has led to the reasons why many migrating birds flew to visit this palace. The visitors can visit the palace for six days of the week while the palace remains closed on Fridays for the public view. The timings to visit the palace are 9 to 12 in mornings and 3 to 6 in evening. The entry fee to visit the palace is Rs 25.

Bhuj has a variant temperature throughout the year. The weather in summers is very hot while the winters are pleasant. The monsoons see the rains that are very uncertain.

How to Reach Bhavnagar

By Train

The city of Bhuj is well connected to all nearby cities and towns in the state through trains. Taxis and local buses can be hired to reach the palace form railway station.

By Air

The domestic airport of Bhuj has flights connected from all over the country and is located 7 kms away from the main city. Shyamji Krishna Verma is the name of the domestic airport of Bhuj.

By Bus

The city of Bhuj is nicely connected to the nearby cities of the state of Gujarat by the buses run by the state government of Gujarat and also by some private transport operators. The private buses are luxurious and very comfortable for those travelling by these buses since they are equipped with the seats that are similar to the horizontal bunks. The non-sleeper luxury buses also ply on this route.

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Sharad Baug Palace
Sharad Baug Palace
Sharad Baug Palace
Sharad Baug Palace

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