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Nagoa Beach

The Union territory Daman Diu is a beautiful city close to Gujarat and well known for its many beaches. The influence of Portugal and Goan culture is unmistakable in many of its buildings, churches as well as cuisine. Daman beaches are well known for their tranquil waters, flanked as they are by coconut palm trees. It is no surprise that many tourists, both within India and from other parts of the world flock to this place to unwind, relax and take in the beauty of this beach city.

If you are looking for a beach vacation, you need not look beyond Daman. Sun bathing on its sands and enjoying the many water sports alongside the beaches represents vacationing at its very best.


The Nagoa beach is one of Daman’s best beaches and can be considered to be its crowning glory. This wonderful beach is situated next to the Nagoa hamlet in the village of Bucharwada. It is a quite expanse of sand and the shape of the beach itself is unique as it is in the shape of a horse-shoe. The best thing about its waters is the safety element for swimming. Consequently, vacationers throng here with families and kids to experience the virgin beach expanse and soak in the calm surroundings. They know their kids are safe in these waters.

Best Season to Visit

The period October to May is the right time to visit this beach location.


As mentioned earlier, the Portugal influence in Diu is very apparent and nowhere is it more evident than in the many chapels and churches. Notable among them are the St Paul’s Church, Church of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Thomas.

You must also visit the Sea Shell Museum, which is a fine repository of stuff that existed in Diu many centuries back. The INS Khukri Memorial and the Pani Kotha are other must see attractions.

The fort of Diu, the Jallandhar Shrine and Ghoghla Beach are also other sightseeing venues you should not miss out on.

Beach Activities

You can choose to indulge in water sports or just loll in the sand shores to take a sound nap under palm trees even as the soothing breeze intoxicates you with its wafting influence. The town of Diu is just 7 minutes away and you can take any of the buses that ply regularly to pay a visit to the town and shop if you wish to.

The beach is lined with coconut palm trees, which is not unusual as you find such scenarios in many beaches. But what you will not find just about everywhere are the Hoka  and Rukhada trees which are unique to this  part of the country and add their own special influence to the overall scenery. These are trees of African origin and it is quite a wonder that they have found themselves at home at Nagoa.

The variety of water sports you can enjoy sets this beach apart from the others. You can go parasailing, jet skiing, boating, wind surfing and water skiing in the clean waters. Many international tourists have been visiting this beach to not only enjoy sun bathing but also to enjoy these water sports as this is something they expect from any quality beach vacation.

The entire 2.5 kms of beach length is well maintained. There are no sharp rocks or undercurrents making it safe for just about anybody to have a great time playing in its waters.


There are a number of high quality hotels and villas that are available on rent that you can make use of and enjoy your stay at Diu.

How to Reach

Diu which is just 7 kms away is in turn just 9 kms away from the nearest railhead of Delwada. From Bhavnagar, Diu is just 225 kms and 495 kms from Ahmedabad. These are big cities from where connectivity is easy and regular buses keep plying. You can also access Diu from Veraval by rail as it is only 80 kms away.

People from Mumbai find Diu and the Nagoa beach the closest to any international beach. They can get to Veraval by train or take the direct flight to Diu.

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Nagoa Beach
Nagoa Beach
Nagoa Beach
Nagoa Beach
Nagoa Beach
Nagoa Beach

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