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Pingleshwar Beach

Pingleshwar Beach lies close to Mandvi Kutch and is a wonderful attraction and tourist location.This golden sandy beach of Kutch is worth a visit and is not a frequently visited tourist beach.So you can truly enjoy moments of bliss with your family and friends.The time spent at Pingleshwar beach is truly going to be something worth remembering and you are going to take back wonderful memories back home.Lying about seventeen kilometers from the Coastal NH 8A, it also has proximity to the bird sanctuary of Nalia.The beach is also very popular as a wetland and also beautiful wind farms wherein wind energy is trapped. It also attracts a plethora of migratory birds that come here.The calm and clean water of Pingleshwar beach is superb and so one finds it very refreshing and rejuvenating.

Beach lovers are going to have a good time here, thanks to the wonderful beach resorts that are situated closer to the beach.The day time travel to Pingleshwar is close to two hours from Mandvi Kutch and if you have your own vehicle, you could drive it down.


Pingleshwar beach, the golden sandy beach lies at a distance of close to one hundred and fifty kilometers from the city of Bhuj and is also close to Kutch Mandvi.This exclusive beach lies to the westernmost part of India and is also close to bird sanctuaries etc.

Best Season To Visit

The best season to visit the beach is during November to March of the year as the climate is good and there is cool breeze.If you want to visit the beach during monsoons, then you need to be a real good swimmer.However visiting the beach during rains is not advised as there could be high tide.


The other attraction or tourist spots include the Koteswar temple, Chinkara sanctuary, Manvi, Topansar Lake,Narayan Sarovan, Mata no Madh and last but not the least the place for shopping that is the Bandhni Bazar.It is also famous for other tourist must visits like the Koday, Shipbuilding yard, Navjivan Nature cure center and Mundra.

Beach Activities

Pingleshwar beachhas been maintained very neatly by the Government of Gujarat and Kutch and the beach activities that one can enjoy with family and friends are boating, swimming, surfing, seeing migratory birds etc.There are life boats available here.A number of beach resorts are located closer to the beach and the resorts also offer their own beachwear and you can enjoy a good time here.Other facilities available at the beach include lockers, freshwater, clean and sanitized facilities.There are small set ups or restaurants on the beaches that provide refreshments and dry snacks.Also, there are beach games, life guards; water sports activities and so on. There are many tourists who drive down, spend their time at the beach and return back the same day.They do not go for accommodation.Parking facilities are available at the beach.The hourly parking fees have to be paid.


With so many tourists flocking to enjoy the beach holidays, there are many hotels and rental accommodations that are available. There are tent accommodations that can easily accommodate about eight numbers of people. Luxury resorts are available that is a bit expensive, but there are latest amenities and if you are coming down with family and friends, this is the ideal accommodation. A number of hotels and wooden cottages that can accommodate close to fourteen numbers of people are available. Make sure to do advance bookings so that you avoid last minute rush.When advance bookings are done, you also get to save good money. There are off season discounts also that are available. Many of the resorts here also provide spa facilities, games for kids, kids corner, restaurants mostly multi cuisine and so on.

How to Reach

The beach is close to Mandvi Kutch.

By Road

By road it would take about half an hour from bhuj. Jeeps and ST buses are available every half an hour.You may want to hire jeeps from the town itself.A distance of seventy four kilometers and more may have to be driven.

By Rail

There are trains that you may take from Kutch or Bhuj to reach the point closest to the beach.

By Air

Ahmedabad airport flights ply to Kutch and you may then take the road to reach the beach and closer locations. However, it is not necessary to take a flight as travel by road is the best.

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Pingleshwar Beach
Pingleshwar Beach
Pingleshwar Beach
Pingleshwar Beach
Pingleshwar Beach
Pingleshwar Beach

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