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Ghoghla Beach

Beaches are fun, aren’t they? There is so much to enjoy and so much to explore. You get to revitalize yourself to the core. Beaches are the best places if you are looking for a fun filled and enjoyable holiday. Huge waves of water gushing towards you gives you a sense of amusement, whereas, open water all around you makes your holiday experience all the more exciting.

There are many amazing beaches but to name one of them proving to be the best example is Goghla beach in Diu. This is one of the most beautiful and clean beach. It stands amongst the most popular beaches. The weather is not too humid and not too cold. It is moderate and pleasant. You will find excellent hotels around and near the beach. These hotels perfectly suit your budget. You need not worry about the rates and charges. They have something for everybody depending on their budget. Whatever they provide is up to the mark.

The beach is not too much of a shopping point but you will definitely find some amazing restaurants having mouth watering delicacies. You will witness some ancient monuments and churches consisting of outstanding interiors. As far as activities are concerned, visiting a beach chiefly includes activities related to water sports. The best way to get there through local transport is rickshaws and taxies.

Book a Hotel in Diu

Booking a hotel is not very difficult in Diu. You have a vast variety to choose from. They have hotels based on luxury and budget. They also have star hotels. All the hotels provide online services for booking and confirmation. You can sit at home a book a room in any hotel depending on your choice and budget. All you need to do is to select the date on which you need a room in the hotel and click on search hotel.

They have tourist complexes near the beach which deliver you all the basic facilities. You can experience activities such as surfing, swimming, and parasailing. A good sunbath is also the most convenient way to get relaxed.

Considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Diu District, this beach has a tourist complex that provides all basic amenities. Parasailing and water scooters are the two most popular adventure activities at this beach. 


This beach is located in the township of Ghogla hence it is named after the village. Ghogla village is round about 15 km away from the central settlement of Diu.

Best Season To Visit

The best time to visit the beach is in the months of November to march. You can visit the beach anytime between these months. It is pleasant and convenient at this time and you will be able to spend a comfortable holiday.


If you are looking for a calm holiday filled with a pinch of adventure then you are at the right place. The major attractions here are the water sports, seaside walk, and bonfire at calm nights. You can’t really look for a grand and loud holiday on a beach .

Beach Activities

Activities such as jet skiing, water skiing, scuba diving, wind surfing, parasailing, fishing in the deep sea, and swimming are some basic and fun activities you can opt for. You can also go for a camel or horse ride for a change.


There are a number of options that you can avail of and suiting your budget with all the modern facilities. The food here is mainly Portuguese and Gujarati cuisine but tasty seafood too is available.

How to Reach

From Mumbai it is 850 km, from Delhi it is 1300 km, from Ahmadabad it is 400 km, from Palitana it is 200 km, from Rajkot it is 290 km, from Vadodra it is 500 km, and from Bhavnagar it is 240 km.

By Air

The most convenient way to travel from Delhi or Mumbai is to go by air. You have a flight that takes off early morning from Delhi via Mumbai.

By Rail

You can get around 3 trains from Ahmadabad. These trains will lead you to Verawal.

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Ghoghla Beach
Ghoghla Beach
Ghoghla Beach
Ghoghla Beach
Ghoghla Beach
Ghoghla Beach

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