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Diu Beach

If you are a water baby and love to hang out on the beaches, then Diu must be on your bucket list. The exquisite beaches of Diu are crafted by God in a magical way, the clear beaches with golden sands and palm groves are exotic in every sense. Diu is a town in the district of Diu of Daman and Diu. The beaches of Diu make for the perfect retreat for tourists as every year, both domestic as well as foreign tourists visit and admire the beauty of Diu. The best part of these beaches is that they are pure and untouched by consumerism and you can thoroughly enjoy what nature has to offer.

Not only nature lovers but also people who adore history and things related to archeology can come and explore the past of this marvel of a place called Diu. Talking about the beaches, let’s start with the Nagoa Beach- it is the most famous and largest of all the beaches in Diu. This beach is shaped like a horse shoe and is situated in the Nagoa district of Bucharwada. This beach is known for clear water and is absolutely safe for swimming.  The beach-line is filled with Hoka tress and they are gently swayed by the sea breeze.

Next up is Jallandhar Beach, we wonder if it has connection to the bustling city in Punjab. This beach is located near a hillock. If we go back in time, it is believed that this is the place where Lord Krishna killed a mythological demon called Jallandhar and thus the name of the beach. A temple of Goddess Chandrika is nestled near the beach which can be visited. The Ghoghla beach which is pretty sandy compared to other beaches in Diu. It is known as the gentlest beach in Diu. You can sit back here and write poetry or stories and no one will disturb you, perfect place for writers.

Chakratirth beach is a beach which must be visited during low tides. This beach is centrally located in Diu and known to be quite scenic. The landscape around this beach is breathtaking in every sense. Gomtimala beach is situated near a village called Vanakbara. This beach has white sand and foreign tourists love to hang out in this beach. Simbor beach is known for the Portuguese fort called Fortim do Simbor.

Best Season to Visit

The best time to visit this beautiful place is between the months of October and May as the weather is quite pleasant and you can thoroughly enjoy the magnificent beaches. You can spend your winter break in Diu and enjoy.


The Diu beaches are loaded with attractions for you to explore. You can do water sports like water skiing or ride a horse on the beach. If you like walking, well, the endless beach line is all yours to walk and enjoy the beauty. There are temples and forts that you can visit. You can also try the Mediterranean delicacies as well as the regional ones.

Beach Activities

With more than five beaches in Diu, you have ample opportunities to fully enjoy what all of them have to offer, from the largest to the quietest in Diu, these beaches are unique in different ways and you can have good time here.  The beaches, well most of them, are safe for swimming, so splash in the waters and bask in the sun.


Diu has a wide range of accommodation facilities for the people coming to visit the place. Fro budget hotels to luxury resorts, you can select your accommodation and stay there. Also, these hotels and resorts have all the modern facilities one expects in a hotel, making them perfect for stay in Diu.

How to Reach

By Road

State transport buses run by Gujarat Transport Department and private luxury coaches are available for tourists and visitors from different cities like Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Jamnagar, Veraval, Mumbai, Baroda and more.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is 90 kms from Diu which is Veraval and is well connected to different cities like Mumbai, Trivandrum, Jabalpur and more.

By Air

Daily flights from Mumbai fly to Diu

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Diu Beach
Diu Beach
Diu Beach
Diu Beach
Diu Beach
Diu Beach

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