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Chorwad Beach

Gujarat is a land of colors and joie de vivre seen among the locals of this state. In case you are planning to visit Gujarat, one must surely plan to visit Chorwad Beach that is a magnificent beach located in this state. This destination is strewn with magnificent palaces. Art enthusiasts love to explore architectural marvels dotting the landscape of this destination. It is displayed in the forts and palaces located in this region. People can enjoy a complete vacation coming to this destination. Excursions to Porbandar and Somnath can also be enjoyed by the visitors. Porbandar, where Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi took birth is an interesting place to visit.

Immense beauty is strewn all around Gujarat and the same can be witnessed at Chorwad Beach. The seafront offers a wide array of attractions and scenic views. Both domestic as well as foreign tourists come here in large numbers to enjoy a remarkable vacation. Close to the rocky hills, visitors can enjoy awe-inspiring boat rides.

This destination also gained a lot of popularity as it was Nawab Junagarh’s famous retreats. This beach offers a perfect place for pleasure, relaxation and simply lazying around. Built by the Kings of this city, the destination is also home to the popular Chorwad Palace. It is country’s one and only beach palace resort. Junagarh Nawab, Mohabbat Khan was the man behind this beach palace resort that was converted from a beach.

Visitors coming to this place should not miss Kirti Mandir as this mandir was the home of Mahatma Gnadhi. Today this place has been developed into a memorial museum. Here a wide array of things thar are related to Gandhiji has been displayed. Daria Mahal is another plave worth visiting.


The Chorwad Beach is situated about 37 kilometres away from Somnath. At one point of time, this destination was once an abode of Junagarh Nawab’s royal palace. Though, this palace is no longer in the same condition, yet a lot of tourists love to visit this place. Swimming lovers may get a bit disappointed as this beach is not safe for swimming, yet this beach beckons tourists in large numbers as it is clean and ideal for enjoying calm and serene environment and relaxing with family and friends. Excursion to Somanth is possible from this vantage point but there may not be enough facilities for accommodation.

Best Season To Visit

One can visit this beach destination at any time of the year, still the best time to visit this place in the winter season. This is the best time to enjoy a wide range of tourism related activities. October to March is the best time to visit this beach. With moderate climate experienced by this place, tourists can plan a a vacation to this destination at any time of the year.


Chorwad Beach is a beautiful example of nature at its best. Visitors can enjoy a wide array of attractions like boat riding, rocky shores, fishing and many more. Once this destination was a pleasure place for the Nawabs of Junagarh. The Royal Palace in Junagarh is one of the major attractions of this destination. It has also gained a lot of popularity being only one of the Royal Beach Resort Palace of its kind in the country.

With impressive façade, this palace has beautiful projecting porticos, elegant interiors and balconies. Soft sea breeze coming from the long arched windows make the palace look more interesting. The architectural style used in this palace is a perfect blend of Muslim, Italian and colonial features.

Beach Activities

Chorwad Beach is a beautiful beach with vast expanseof white, sandy beaches. It is exhilarating to enjoy a stroll across the beach or a energising swim in the cool Arabian Sea waters. A wide array of sport options are also available here including scooting, skiing, para sailing and many more.


For the visitors coming to this awesome destination has a wide array of accommodation facilities. There are many hotels ranging from budget hotels to luxury hotels. Any of them can be chosen as per budget and convenience. Well appointed rooms and basic facilities are available in these hotels. There are many seaside resorts in the area and some of them also have private beaches.

How to Reach

By Road

About 79 kilometres away from this beach, the famous city Somnath is located. In order to reach this destination, many state transport buses and private buses offer their services.

By Rail

The nearest railway station to reach this destination is located at Verangal. It is about 6 kms away from Somnath.

By Air

The nearest airport is located at Diu which is about ninety kilometres away from this beach.

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Chorwad Beach
Chorwad Beach
Chorwad Beach
Chorwad Beach
Chorwad Beach
Chorwad Beach

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