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Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach

Sprawled at a stretch of about six kilometres, Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach is a beautiful beach offering load of attractions to the visitors coming here in large numbers. At this vantage point, the coastline is touchd by the mighty Arabian Sea. This beach is positioned close to island of Diu. From here, the beach moves further towards the Ghoghla Beach. This beach is located close to the mainland Diu. The beach offers vast expanses of pristine white sands. Small fishing villages dot this landscape and this beach has proven to be one of the best places for adventure buffs and nature enthusiasts to enjoy a good time.

Visitors come here in large numbers and indulge in a variety of activities like parasailing, surfing, swimming and many other activities. Travelers can also enjoy dolphin sightings and the same can be arranged by the hotels and resorts as per the convenience of travelers. Sometimes, local fishermen also take visitors into deep waters in their small yet traditional boats.

Since this beach is located at the fringes of Diu and Gujarat, one can find glimpses of the Portuguese culture and Saurashtra. On one side of the beach, there are many windmills and on the other, vast expanse of azure blue waters make the sight beholding. Sunset and sunrise views mesmerises the guests coming here in large numbers.

Visitors coming here can enjoy various attractions besides beach activities. Fine examples of erstwhile colonial rule can also be seen in some of the buildings and monuments located here. They are architecturally renowned. Kings used to own these buildings, forts, temples and mansions. This beach, therefore, serves as a complete tourist destination with a range of tourist attractions availabl here.


This beautiful beach is located in the state of Gujarat. Ahmedabad is about 288 kilometres away from this beautiful beach. Positioned between Longitude 70o 36' in the East to Latitude 21o 31' in the North, this beach falls in Junagarh district.

Best Season To Visit

This beach beckons tourists round the year, yet the winter season is the best time to come to this place and enjoy a wide arry of tourism related activities. October to March is the best time to visit this beach. The climate of this place remains mild hence tourists can plan a visit to this destination at any time of the year.


There are many attractions available at and close to Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach. Besides azure blue waters and white sandy beach, this place is also known as a haven for bird watchers. A great variety of birds can be spotted close to this place. No doubt, it is a haven for ornithologists. Aquatic sports is another major attraction that beckons a large numbr of sport lovers to this stunning beach. A wide array of activities like para sailing, skiing, water scooting and many more are available here. Visitors who love a vacation filled with adventure, a facility of speed boat is readily available. Shopholics love to visit this destination as a wide range of curios can be bought here. Curie hunters can satisfy their craving for art. Textiles is as it is well known for Gujarat. Close to Ahmedpur Mandvi, there are many textile shops dotting the cityscape. When coming to this place for a vacation, Chorwad Beach Resort is another must visit for the vacationers.

Beach Activities

White sandy beaches beckons tourists for enjoying a leaisurely stroll or an ivigorating swim in the cool waters of the Arabian Sea. Sport optins available at this beach are skiing, scooting, speed boating, para sailing and surfing.


There are many accommodation facilities available in the vicinity of this beach as many seaside resorts dot the coastline. Right from luxury accommodation to budget accommodation facilities are available. Some of these places also offer private beaches.

How to Reach

By Air

Keshod is the closest airport located in the vicinity of the beach. It is about 145 kms from this awe-inspiring beach that is well connected with Mumbai.

By Rail

The closest railway station from this beach is 9 kms away namely, Delwada railway station. It is positioned on the Ahmedabad - Veraval line.

By Road

Gujarat and various places in the state are well connected with private luxury coaches and State transport buses. From Ahmedabad, this destination is situated about 298 kms.

Location Map

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Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach
Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach
Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach
Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach
Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach
Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach

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