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Mahuva Beach

Gujarat is a developed state in the western part of India. It has an area of approximately 196,204 square km and a coastline of about 1,600 km. This state has a truly vibrant culture. You’ll get to see innumerable wonders ranging from historic cave paintings and ancient murals to man-made and natural caves. Art, culture, history and music, Gujarat has all of this. It is said that Gujaratis, the local people are very warm and treat their guests as personifications of God himself.

With such a long coastline, it’s but natural to find many beautiful beaches along the Arabian Sea which lies to the west of Gujarat. One of these is the Mahuva beach in the city of Mahuva.

This picturesque beach is close to the ancient Bhavani Temple which is frequented by Gujarati pilgrims. It is well known for its tranquil waters and natural beautify. Nature lovers visiting the beach enjoy the breath-taking scenic beauty. It is a favourite both with locals as well as visitors to the city.


Mahuva is a small city in the suburbs of Bhavnagar district in Gujarat. It is popular because of its mildly cool weather throughout the year and lush, green surroundings which include many plantations of coconut trees. The popular Hindu preacher Morari Bapu resides in this city.

Mahuva lies in the region of Saurashtra and is sometimes referred to as the Kashmir of Saurashtra. The river Malan flows through Mahuva.

The wooden toys, peanuts, raw onions and locally produced Jamadar mango of Mahuva are well known. The city has various flourishing agro-based industries, specifically those producing dehydrated vegetables like onions and garlic which are used in processed foods.

Best Season to Visit

You can plan a visit to the picture perfect Mahuva beach any time during the year. But like other beach places, the winter season is probably the time you’ll enjoy your visit the most. You can take advantages of a wide array of tourism related enterprises such as sightseeing, water sports and more. So it’s best to visit during the months of October to March. Of course, holidays are fun anytime of the year, so whenever you visit, you’ll always find something interesting to do.


The city of Mahuva is known for its large vulture population, of which the white ramped vultures are the most common. You can also see almost 250 other bird species. Mahuva is the only part of Bhavnagar district in which you’ll find jungle babblers.

Attractions near Mahuva


Gandhi Bagh is a popular destination with ropeways and train rides. Other attractions offered are a Ghost House, a Toy Show and beautiful fountains. Another popular park is Kuber Bagh.


There is a well-known Hanuman temple called Timbi Hanuman near Manuva. Pingleshwar, a small village close by has a historic Shiv Ling submerged in the sea. This is generally visible only in the mornings when the tides are low. There is also an ancient temple called Bhutnath Mahadev dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Gaytri Mata Shaktipith is a lotus shaped temple which is dedicated to the Goddess Gayatridevi.


Visitors to Mahuva can choose from a wide array of accommodation options. There are hotels to suit every pocket, ranging from the budget hotels to the real luxury ones. Most hotels offer well furnished rooms and basic amenities. People who prefer to spend long hours at the beach can go in for one of the many seaside resorts which have their own private beaches.

Medical Care

The Sadbhavna Hospital at Mahuva offers very good medical services and serves as an important lifeline to all the surrounding areas. Hanumant, a large, well-equipped hospital with modern amenities on the NH8E highway, was designed by Shri Morari Bapu.

How to Reach

Mahuva is connected to most major cities within the state and outside by road and rail. If you’re travelling by road, you could use the State Transport buses or hire a private vehicle to get easy connectivity to Bhavnagar. The distance to Bhavnagar by road is 791 km from Mumbai via the city of Ahmedabad and 200 km from Ahmedabad via the main State Highway. If you plan to go by rail, you would need to use the Western Railway Line. The distance is 777 km from Mumbai via the city of Ahmedabad.

The closest airport is Bhavnagar which is at a distance of about 100 km. Ahmedabad is the nearest international airport. There are various domestic airlines which connect Bhavnagar to Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

If you use the sea route, Mahuva is about nine hours away from Mumbai.

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Mahuva Beach
Mahuva Beach
Mahuva Beach
Mahuva Beach
Mahuva Beach
Mahuva Beach

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