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Dwaraka Beach

Dwaraka is yet another holy and sacred place for Hindus as it is from here that Lord Krishna ventured out for that epic battle of Kurukshetra. We all know about the instructions he later on gave Arjuna during this battle and how it became the Bhagawad Gita. More importantly, this is also the place where he spent time receiving his childhood friend Sudama. The touching tale of friendship and its lessons are something that friends who have read this story enjoy and seek to emulate.

It is thus a very important pilgrim city for Hindus. It is very interesting that this city came into being after marine excavations and therefore is home to wonderful long stretches of beaches. The place is busy with pilgrims visiting it through the year but there are a lot of interesting and tranquil spots that you can find to unwind and relax.

This city is well known for the Dwarkadheesh or Jagat Mandir. Those who love bird watching will find the amazing variety of birds thronging this city and along the coast very interesting and engaging.


Dwaraka is located on the highway that goes from Jamnagar and it is also a station on the busy broad guage Ahmedabad-Okha line. The  nearest airport is Jamnagar.

Best Season to Visit

Dwaraka can be visited through the year though the months of Oct – Mar sees heavy influx of tourists.


Mythology tells us that this city was the capital when Lord Krishna ruled and as you approach the Dwarkadeesh temple, you are struck by its magnificence and construction. The temple is at least 1500 years old and when you go in you would be taken by surprise to see it has 5 floors. You see a lot of people chanting “Jai Shri Krishna” as they move around and you are transported to an atmosphere that is divine and sublime.

It is not unusual for people visiting this place on their own or with elderly folks to get totally emotional and fully swept by the divine trance. Many have tears running down their cheeks in happiness that they have been able to visit this place.

The next place to visit is the Nageswara Jyotirlingam. The ride is breezy and when you reach Porbandar, you realize you have reached the birth place of the Father of our nation Gandhiji. Gorge on casuarinas that are sold by vendors here as you take in the joy and revelry of the groups of people who are constantly chanting the Lord’s name. The huge Shiva idol that is bang in the centre of the temple is worth seeing and an experience in itself.

This temple is important because it is one among the 12 jyotirlingas spread across India. It is the fervent wish and desire of Hindus to visit all the 12 in their life time and this one at Porbandar is an opportunity to see one of them and feel blessed. The jyotirlingam represents the manifestation of Lord Shiva as a column of light.

Now for the finale which makes the trip to this holy city all the more worthwhile. The Bet Dwaraka Island, right in the centre of the Arabian Sea is about 30 miles away from the main city. You need to take a boat to reach here and that is done at a place called Okhla, a jetty. This island has it all. There are coral reefs, marine life including dolphins, octopus and starfish.

The ride itself is only about 20 minutes but the uniqueness lies in this ride being the most adventurous for most Indians who normally do not have to travel by boat to reach destinations. The structure is awe inspiring and the deities shown inside represent the 10 avatars of Vishnu. Again, the fact that you can visit this place where Lord Vishnu was supposed to have vanquished the demon Shankhasura and share such a wonderful experience with people in your family, including the elders is a very satisfying feeling.

Beach Activities

The Dwaraka beach is a peaceful place to relax and unwind. There are other attractions nearby though. Just 30 kms away is the Rancchodrai Temple, a venerated centre for Vaishnavas. The Devaki temple, the Mahaprabhuji Bethak, the Bala Hanuman temple and the Shanthi Talav are must visits when you come to Dwaraka.


This is not a problem if you book in advance and are well planned in your trip itinerary. There are a number of good hotels with all modern amenities.

How to Reach

Dwaraka is easily accessible by train from Jamnagar. There are trains you can take from Mumbai as well that will take you directly there. If you wish to travel by road, then getting to Porbandar or Junagadh would be a good option as from these places, there are city transport buses plying at regular intervals to Dwaraka. You can also drive down to Jamnagar and from there it is only 150kms to this holy city.

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Dwaraka Beach
Dwaraka Beach
Dwaraka Beach
Dwaraka Beach
Dwaraka Beach
Dwaraka Beach

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