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Somnath Beach

Somnath Beach is one of the major attractions for tourists visiting Gujarat. The beach is famous for its sparkling clear waters, thunderous waves and fine sand. The view of the beach is spectacular, especially during sunrise and sunset.

Somnath Beach is located approximately six kilometers to the east of Veraval town, which was home to the royal family of Junagadh. The entire stretch of the Somnath beach is without any trace of shade but tourists don’t generally get bothered by the sun because of the cool breeze that blows across the beach. The vendors of fresh, tender coconuts make sure you don’t go thirsty while on the beach with unlimited supply of tasty coconut water.

A Brief History

Named after the iconic and highly popular Somnath Temple of Gujarat, Somnath Beach is situated in Somnath, the temple town of Gujarat. Somnath means the Moon Lord and was known many decades ago as Prabhas Patan. Interestingly, despite the rapid onslaught of modernization in various spheres, Somnath remains unaffected by all that and has still managed to maintain that old world charm and beauty. The same holds true for Somnath Beach as well.

The serene beach which is located at the southwest end of Arabian coastline is a perfect picnic destination for those looking for fun by the waterside. Tourists who visit the famous Somnath Temple never miss an opportunity to spend some time on the Somnath Beach, in the calm, serene and peaceful atmosphere that envelopes the whole area.

Places of Tourist Attraction Near Somnath Beach

Somnath Temple

The Somnath Temple is undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions in Veraval. The temple finds mention in the Holy Puranas and various religious epics of the Hindu religion. According to one such legend, Somnath Temple is the place where Lord Krishna got shot in the foot by an arrow. The temple is also famous for the ‘Jyotirling’ of Shiva. Somnath Temple is believed to have been built by the Moon God, Somraj. According to the Puranas, the temple has undergone several stages of destruction and development. The present grandiose state of the temple is credited to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the great son of Gujarat.

Rudreshwara Temple

Rudreshwara Temple is located close by to the Somnath temple but lies in ruins today. With a history that runs parallel to that of Somnath Temple in terms of date and significance, the key aspects of the Rudreshwara Temple are its amazing sculptures created artistically on the doorways and the walls.

Prabas Pata Museum

The Prabas Pata Museum is one of the most famous museums in Gujarat and is located near the Somnath Beach. The courtyard centered rooms make a stunning picture. The museum contains fascinating artifacts and remains of the previous temples.

How to Reach

There is an extremely well-developed transportation network in place for tourists to reach Somnath Beach. The nearest airport to Veraval is Keshod which is 47 km from Somnath and connects the place to Mumbai and other capital cities of India.  The nearest railway station is Veraval Railway Station. It is approximately 431 km from Ahmedabad. Veraval is well connected to others cities and towns of Gujarat by road. Both public and private bus services are available for the convenience of travelers and tourists.

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Somnath Beach
Somnath Beach
Somnath Beach
Somnath Beach
Somnath Beach
Somnath Beach

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