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Gopnath Beach

Gopnath Beach is an ideal tourist destination, located on the Gulf of Khambat in Gujarat’s Bhavnagar district. It is known for its pristine beauty. It was the summer residence of the Gojil Rulers, Maharaja Krishna Kumar Singhji, if you want to escape from regular din and bustle then Gopinath Beach is your ideal escape route. Gujarat has a beautiful sea coastline and so is Gopnath beach. With it is stunning limestone cliffs, mild breezes of the sea and remarkable panoramas it can be breath-taking.

One can see a beautiful fort of king of Gohilvad in Gopnath. Temple of Gopnath Mahadev is a major tourist attraction. In 1940’s Maharaja Krishna Kumar Singhji made a building which has now been converted into a heritage building. The architecture of this attracts many tourists.

Gopnath Beach is a visual treat and nature’s paradise for tourists. One can take a long walk through the beach and capture the moments of beautiful sunset. Moreover if you love history, then it’s also an ideal place for you.  Are you looking for adventure? Though it doesn’t offer much seaside adventures, you can do swimming and surfing. Gopnath Beach is a mixed bag to discover the secrets of Gujarat and its diversity in seafront beauty. You can enjoy the cool and quiet ambience that the beach has to offer to tourists.


Gopnath Beach is located in the Talaja Taluka in Bhavnagar district of Gujarat. It is situated on the coast of the Gulf of Kambhat. It is 22 km. away from Talaja and the distance between this beach and Bhavnagar city is 75 km.

Best Season To Visit

If you want to enjoy cool breeze of seaside and lazing around then October to March is the ideal time to visit Gopnath Beach.


Gopnath Temple: It is a 700 year old temple. There are Vishnu temple and Shiva temple. It hoists flags of two colours for these two temples.

Talja: It is a Jain temple which is on a 350-foot high volcanic hill and is a major tourist attractions who love adventure.

Gopnath Beach is a birdwatcher's paradise. Colourful birds come to this beach and tourists enjoy this sight.

Architecture of the Gohil Rulers: Maharaja Krishna Kumar Sinjhi’s mansion is a must sightseeing for any tourist. Built in the 1940’s, it now houses a residential complex. It also has boarding arrangements for the guests. The Gothic architecture is really mesmerise anybody.

Kathiawari Cuisine: Gopnath Beach is famous for Kathiawari cuisine. Delicious dishes are available everywhere. To get the true essence one must taste this food.


Rajpara village has a nice white sandy beach with rock formations. It isn't very good for swimming but tourists who are looking for privacy can visit here.
Jhanjmer fort

If one goes down the coastline, Jhanjmer fort is an outstanding spot. The fort is named after Jhanjhara Sinh, the Kathi Rajput warrior chieftain.

Beach Activities

Though it is not very famous for adventure sports one can do swimming and surfing definitely. Enjoy the lazy stroll and calmness of nature here. It is refreshing to enjoy a walk across the beach or through the coastline.


There are some bungalows with cottages which offers a nice view of the gulf can be ideal for staying. These are also facing the sea. There are some luxury resorts too at this beach. But for budget hotel arrangements in Gopnath Beach there are very few options. So, one must take a look for accommodations at Bhavnagar, which has an array of resorts and budget hotels.

How to Reach

This beach is well connected by road, air and rail to Ahmedabad, which is connected to all the main cities of India. This beach is famous for its good network connecting it by bus, car, rail and air.

By Air: .Lots of flights are available to Bhavnagar from Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Surat.

By Train: Bhavnagar has lot of trains. It is also linked by the Western Railways of India.

By Road: You can take bus, car coaches from Ahmedabad, Surat and other places. Many luxury coaches also offer inter-state transportation connecting Bhavnagar.

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