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Madhavpur Beach

The Madhavpur Beach is indeed one of the loveliest sandy beaches you can find in Gujarat. This stunning beach presents a visual that is hard to compare with anything else. Sandy beach with coconut trees lining it is ethereal and transports you to a world of paradise.

The beach has been named after the ruler Madhav Rao. It also has a temple named after the same ruler. Tourists visiting the temple therefore make it a point to visit the beach as well and vice versa. The majestic aura of the temple is too compelling to keep away. There is another Haveli temple nearby that is equally grand and a must visit.

Legend has it that Lord Krishna married Rukmini right here in Madhavpur. This belief is kept alive through the holding of a fair every year. This is held on Chaitra Sud 12th day and a Shrimad Bhagwad discourse by Mahaprabhuji who takes the seat that had been occupied by Shri Vallabhacharya that runs for a week is held concurrently each year, making it a complete trip for those interested in religious discourses and events.

It is the Mer community that conducts this fair each year. This place is special for Hindus in particular as it finds a place of mention in scriptures where the wedding of Lord Krishna has been described. The beach, its tranquility and the magnificence of the temples makes this place a complete package for the tourist looking for peace and inner satisfaction.


The small town of Madhavpur located just 60kms away and to the southwest of Porbandar is home to this lovely sandy beach.

Best Season to Visit

The best time to visit this place is in the months July – March. The months of April and May are generally too hot and humid and therefore not recommended though there are many tourists who do come to this place during these months to take advantage of the relative calm that prevails here due to lesser number of tourists. 


The beach remains the best attraction here but you can also visit the Damodarji Temple, the Satguru Rohidass Ashram and Uparkot also.

Beach Activities

Madhavpur Beach has become popular amongst the other beaches because of its secluded location. The waters here are clear and still bereft of any pollution. This makes indulgence in water sports a pleasure and those who enjoy beach walking, wading through hip high water or just playing in it can do so secure in the knowledge that it is safe and clean to do so. This is a far cry from some of the other beaches in India that has been ravaged and spoilt due to all kinds of pollution afflicting them.

Indeed, nothing can be a better stress buster than a long walk down the beach as you get lost in the beauty and tranquility of the place, far away from the mad rush of urban life. It is also a highly romantic spot for couples to get to know each other better.


The good news is that accommodation here is quite economical. There are a number of hotels that have been set up to cater to the ever increasing tourist numbers. Many of them boast of the latest modern facilities so that those travelling to these places from cities where they are used to a specific lifestyle will not find these accommodation places uncomfortable. The deluxe rooms are well furnished and the recreational facilities around the hotels have been designed to keep visitors engaged. That has resulted in longer stays by tourists and more revenue for the Gujarat tourism department. They have been smart enough to plough back returns and make these tourist places even better for tourists both local and international over the years.

How to Reach

Reaching Madhavpur Beach is quite convenient. You can take the road from Ahmedabad as Junagadh is only 327 kms from there. You can also get here from Rajkot which is only 102 kms away or from Porbandar itself, which is also just 113 kms away. There are a number of ST buses that keep plying regularly from the above mentioned places and also from various other cities. The roads are wonderful and travelling by bus is quite comfortable to reach Junagadh.

If you wish to take the train, then you have the option of taking any of the two express trains that ply on the Ahmedabad-Veraval route with one just leaving at night. This journey is generally preferred by tourists as they can sleep away in comfort as the train covers the distance in about 8 hours.

The Keshod airport is the closest one to get here by flight. You can fly from both Mumbai and Diu to this place through popular airlines.

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madhavpur Beach
madhavpur Beach
madhavpur Beach
madhavpur Beach
madhavpur Beach
madhavpur Beach

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