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Gomtimata Beach

If you need to revive yourself completely, nothing can be a better experience other than spending your time on a beach. You get a calm as well as enjoyable time with your dear ones.

There are many beautiful beaches in our country but very few are worth a visit. One of them is Gomtimata beach. It is situated in Diu beside Saurashtra Coast. This is a sandy beach having a beautiful picture perfect view and golden sands that completely make you fall in love with it. It has admirable palm-groves which are totally eye catching and there are many other historic monuments as well.

The climate here is calm and pleasant all through the year and so the tourists can experience sheer peace and harmony.


It is located along the west coast, having 21kms of coastal length. If we consider going from Bombay, it is about 930 kms away. ‘Diu’ is a word which is derived from a word in Sanskrit which is ‘Dweep’. There were various merchant who started trading in Diu.

Gomatimata Beach has a temple situated on the beach. This beach consists of white sand which is completely natural and pure. It is considered to be amongst the best beaches in the district. This beach is not recommended for swimming because the height of the waves there is about 2-3 meters all the time. It is a bit risky so they do not allow tourists to go deep into the sea for swimming, although you can freely swim in low depth of the shore.

In the past years, Diu Island was occupied by the Portugal. They constructed colonies around it. You can witness around 6 beautiful and outstanding beaches on the island of Diu. These beaches draw tourists not only from India but from all over the globe. Its calm features and silent ambience attracts many people to visit here at least once.

Since it is a remote place to visit, it is away from the whole hustle bustle of the town and cities. You can clearly hear the sound of waves rising when the waves are heading towards the shore.

Best Season To Visit

The best season to visit the beach is between October to May. You can come for a good holiday any time between these months as it is very pleasant and calm during these months. At the same time, you may visit this beach location at other times during the year as well if you do not mind the dry hot weather during March and April.


The main attraction of this beach is the white sand. You also have some water sports facilities. But the best part is to take a walk at the shore feeling the calm breeze.

Beach Activities

The beach is very picturesque here and has a beautiful atmosphere. You can set up a bonfire at night and enjoy the calm atmosphere at night listening to the sound of waves lapping at the shore.


You have a number of places to choose from. There are hotels that offer you accommodation based on your budget.  Try to make advance bookings so that you  not only get the benefit of great offers but you are also assured of accommodation as the best hotels do get filled up immediately, especially during peak season.

How To Reach

By Air

The most preferable way to travel to Diu is to opt for a flight you get a flight from Delhi via Mumbai too.  But considering that there are other options also available, not many people take the flight to Diu.

By Rail

The nearest railhead which is Delwada (9 km) is connected via Veraval through metre gauge line. However, when you travel from Mumbai, Veraval is the most convenient railhead with a direct connection.

By Road 

This city is indeed well linked via Una which is 30 kms from Ahmedabad. The other cities in Gujarat that offer good connectivity are Bhavnagar which is 225 kms away, Sasangir which is 128kms away and Rajkot which is 261kms away.

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Gomtimata Beach
Gomtimata Beach
Gomtimata Beach
Gomtimata Beach
Gomtimata Beach
Gomtimata Beach

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