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Neelambagh Palace

The Best Heritage Hotel in Bhavnagar

Nilambagh Palace Hotel stands tall and majestic in Bhavnagar. It is an architectural marvel that must not be missed. Constructed during 1859 AD, this structure is the perfect representation of state’s rich cultural heritage from the ancient times. It was the home to the Gohli dynasty that ruled Bhavnagar and later got transformed into a Heritage Hotel.

Style of the Palace

What catches your eye when you view the Nilambagh Palace hotel is the beautiful and well-manicured lawns that are all around the building like a green carpet. This the best place to know about the way the royals lived their life in Gujarat during the early days. The structure made of Khakhi stone has a wooden arch at the entrance of the elegantly designed lounge. This arch can simply take your breath away due to the skilful carvings on it. The lounge is home to many trophies won by the rulers of Gohli dynasty during ancient times.

You must visit the dining room to know what class is all about. Your heart and mind will be full just looking at the taste and class depicted on the interior designs of the room. The furniture is made from high class and exquisite Burr Teak. These teak tables that are used for banquets too have intricate carvings on them which reflect the quality of artisans during the earlier days. The room looks bright and vibrant from the light that is thrown in by the magnificent chandeliers brought from Czechoslovakia. You can choose from Indian, Continental or Chinese cuisine from the delicious spread that this place offers you.

If you think you have seen the ultimate in terms of royal class, the coffee shop might pleasantly surprise you with its giant couches and comfortable cushions which is literary classics neatly bound in leather adorning the walls. You can either choose one of the twenty rooms that are of supreme class and offer world class facilities, or one of the 8 rooms that provide extreme comfort or the Royal Cottage for royalty like experience.

You could use the neat swimming pool that is designed in exquisite Roman style for relaxing yourself. As the evening sets, this place plays host to lovely cultural programmes where you can sit back and enjoy digging into some delicious food in the soothing ambience of the Garden Restaurant of the place.

How to Reach

By Air

Bhavnagar airport is the nearest airport to this hotel. There are lots of flights that operate from Mumbai to Bhavnagar on a daily basis.

By Train

Bhavnagar railway station is the nearest to this hotel and it is well-connected with other main cities in the country by frequent network of trains.

By Road

The infrastructure of road network is remarkable in Bhavnagar and it is connected very well with cities in the Western and Northern India. The main cities of Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Baroda are a distance of 200km, 178km and 280km away from Bhavnagar.

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Neelambagh Palace
Neelambagh Palace
Neelambagh Palace
Neelambagh Palace
Neelambagh Palace
Neelambagh Palace

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