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Dolat Nivas Palace Idar

An Overview of the Palace

The Dolat Nivas Palace is one of the most scenic palaces in Gujarat because it sits majestically at the backdrop of the beautiful Aravalli Mountain Range. This palace was constructed by Maharaja Dolatsinhji who ruled the place for 6 years from 1922 to 1928AD. Due to its location, it is also commonly known as Hill Fort. Tourists who take the long flight of 700 steps to have a look at the fortress plateau can find the Dolat Nivas Palace in the middle of these steps. There are about 7 levels to this palace. There are staircases with intricate works on them that lead to different levels. The palace is characterised by the number of balconies, courtyards and terraces that it contains. Idar, also known as Ilva Durga is one of the most historic places of Gujarat as there are references to this place in the great epic, Mahabharata.

How to Reach

By Air

The nearest airport to Idar is Ahmedabad which is 98km away from this place. The other airport which is the next closest is the Dabok Airport in Udaipur which is 112km away from Idar.

By Rail

Since Idar does not have a designated railway station, tourists who want to come here can use the Raigadh Road station which is 26km away from Idar or Himmatnagar station which is 27km away from Idar.

By Road

There are lots of government and private sector buses operating from Idar to all major cities and towns in Gujarat.

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Dolat Nivas Palace Idar
Dolat Nivas Palace Idar
Dolat Nivas Palace Idar
Dolat Nivas Palace Idar
Dolat Nivas Palace Idar
Dolat Nivas Palace Idar

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