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Utelia Palace

The Utelia Palace is located 150 kilometers away from Baroda that is situated on the route from Ahmedabad to Bhavnagar.

The palace speaks about the rich culture of Gujarati sect but in today’s time it has been converted to one of the heritage hotels in the state of Gujarat. The palace has been decorated and adored with the local architectural decorum’s. The palace is located very near to Bhugavo River that stands on high plinths, engraved entrances in the palace, grandiose chandeliers that enlightens the vast dining hall that are the part of palace. The tourists to this palace are reminded of the spectacular and rich burlesque and the Palace also houses the rarest work of art. The Palace provides the hospitality through its 14 rich and well-furnished royal rooms. The interiors in each room consist of vintage beds, the portraits with all the latest comforts. Few of the other facilities provided to the palace visitors are individual balconies connected to each room, royal room services, phone services in each palace room, laundry services etc.

The activities that can be enjoyed by the visitors of the palace are Village Safari, Wildlife sanctuary visit to Velavadar National Park that has the famous Blackbuck, Desert Hare, Indian Gery Wolf etc., the visit to Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary. The enjoyment of the Horse ride that runs through the Bhal’s alluvial plains that runs alongside of the Coastlands of Gulf of Cambay.

The Indus Valley civilization has been discovered by the archeologists at distance of 7 kms from Lothal.

How to Reach Bhavnagar

By Train

The nearest rail head to reach Utelia Palace is in Ahmedabad.

By Air

Ahmedabad has a domestic airport that has regular flights plying from all over India.

By Bus

The nearest city to Lothal is Ahmedabad that is at a distance of 78 km and regular buses both owned by state government and private operators.

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Utelia Palace
Utelia Palace
Utelia Palace
Utelia Palace
Utelia Palace
Utelia Palace

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