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Prag Mahal Bhuj Kutch

Prag Mahal was built during the rule of Ra Pragmalji II in the classical Italian Gothic Style by Henry Saint Wilkins. The palace is located near the much celebrated ‘AinaMahal’.Although it was damaged by the 2001 earthquake and later burgled in 2006 when most of its antiques were looted and damaged, The PragMahal has finally revived its regality. The palace is now open to visitors who can even access the 45 foots high clock tower and enjoy an aerial view of the historic city.

Known for its durbars and architecture, the palace is open on all days (except Sundays) from 9:00am –12 noon & 3:00pm – 6:00pm. Entry ticket is Rs.10, Photography charges Rs.30 and videography charges are Rs.100


After almost a century when the AinaMahal was completed, RaoPragmalji – II, the then ruler, commissioned this grand aristocratic palace whose construction began in 1865.Noted designer Henry Saint Wilkins who is famous for designing major public buildings in Mumbai had been chosen to design this palace.

Wilkins chose an Italian Gothic style for the Pragmahal which till today manages to amaze people. The designer had many Italian artisans involved in its construction. Not only that, Wilkins had also employed a number of people from the local Kutchi builder community who were also actively involved in construction of the PragMahal along with Wilkins and their Italian counterparts.The workers who devoted themselves in the construction of the majestic fortress were remunerated with gold coins. Pragmalji – II’s dream cost him a whopping 3.1 million rupees back then. Sadly Pragmalji – II could not see his vision take the final shape as the PragMahalwas completed in 1879, four years after Pragmlaji – II’s death.Khengarji – III, The son of Pragmalji – II was the ruler when the Pragmahal was completed.

The noble PragMahal suffered heavily during the 2001 earthquake of Gujarat. The building complex including the PragMahal and the AinaMahal were both heavily damaged. The effects were so ghastly that one can still see the cracks on the buildings. Five years later, Pragmahal was attacked by burglars who not only caused damage to the buildings but also looted artifacts from the palace.


Wilikins brought in the best of Orthodox Italian designing and he placed them in Bhuj keeping in mind the artistic developments of the kingdom.

Some of the features that outshine others are the bell tower that rises up to an astonishing and commanding heightand offer a bird’s eye view of the cityalong with arcaded corridors that boast of classicalpiercing arches and slim columns.The material used for building the palace was the basicbrick - red local stone. Another thing richly used by Wilkins was thevaricolored marble for which Kutch is famous.

The Architectural beauty of the palace also exhibits its Indian side with a small yet beautiful Hindu temple carved out of stone in the courtyard.

While the Palace also exclaims of its beautiful Jali work that display various European symbolic animals, the mail hall is filled with checkered marble flooring that testifies to the royalty and class of the erstwhile residents of the palace.

Present Status

After the destruction of the palace by the 2001 Earthquake, and the subsequent burglary at the same place in 2006, Prag Palace was in an extremely sorry condition. Steps by the authorities and after personal intervention by the superstar Amitabh Bachan,ThePrag Palace is finally taking shape for the better.

With some areas of the palace still closed for restoration, Majority of the areas are open to general public including the bell tower.

How To Reach Bhuj

Bhuj, being a major tourist attraction of the state is well connected by all three major means of transportation. A functional airport and a railway station with enhanced connectivity of roads make it easily accessible for tourist and enthusiasts.

By Road

From Ahmedabad, the bus offers a higher degree of convenience when compared to the train.Many private companies offer sleeper buses that leave the city for Bhuj between 8pm and 11pm, arriving in Bhuj between 6am and 8am the next morning. They have their offices around Paldi in Ahmedabad. There are also State Transport buses that make the trip for with some respite to the pocket.

By Rail

The Railway is a very popular mode of transport in the country and Bhuj too is well connected with trains. Express trains travel through the city on a daily basis and can be hitched from almost every major part city of the country.

By Air

Bhujalso has a fairly good connectivity of flights. Its connectivity is particularly good with Mumbai as one or more daily flight connect the two cities.

Once in Bhuj, State Transport buses help you commute to most of the areas of the district. Private jeeps and vehicles are also a good optionespecially if you are traveling in large numbers.

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Prag Mahal Bhuj Kutch
Prag Mahal Bhuj Kutch
Prag Mahal Bhuj Kutch
Prag Mahal Bhuj Kutch
Prag Mahal Bhuj Kutch
Prag Mahal Bhuj Kutch

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