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Vechaar Utensils Museum

An architect named Surendra C. Patel was busy preserving the rich heritage of India. His dream eventually got concrete shape in the form of the remarkable Vechaar Utensils Museum. With its village-like environment and elaborate representation of Indian culture and tradition, this museum instills a sense of pride among the people of Vishalla. This is the only museum in the world that boasts of a priceless and precious collection of utensils.

Shaped like a hut, this museum that will make your heart pound fast with its marvelous and inimitable collection of utensils. It is quadrangular in shape. The collection of utensils here depicts the genius of human kind in ancient times when they did not have modern facilities to make utensils. The collection of utensils narrates the evolution of mankind according to the development of utensils at different times. It records and displays the different requirements of human history through different utensils which were used in various ages. As a result the stunning collection of utensils of this museum acts as a tribute to the spirit of human evolution.

The utensils here date back to 100 to even 1000 years old. Most of these utensils are so old that they were made out of hand. Yet, they display a finesse and artistry that’s commendable even today. Most of the utensils here are metal ware such as brass, copper, bronze, zinc and German silver. One can also find some interesting Russian jugs on display. The museum is spotted with water bodies and at the center of the premises is a Shiva temple.


Vechaar (Vishalla Environmental Centre for Heritage of Art, Architecture and Research) was constructed in the village restaurant of Vishalla in 1981. The creator of the museum Surender C. Patel was a renowned architect. It was his dream to preserve and cherish the rare artistic skills, rich cultural heritage and wisdom of Indian craftsmen. He started by making an extensive research of both national and international museums scouring and inspecting displays with the help of his friend Dr. Jyotindra Jain. This museum has an extensive and elaborate collection of utensils from ancient times till the present era. This collection demonstrates how with changing environment and needs in different periods and epochs of history, the patterns of utensils also underwent modification.

Sections of Museum

Theme of the Museum

The main theme of the museum is to project the rural tradition of India. Therefore it is made of dung, mud, straws, bamboos and wood. The artistic genius of the craftsmen of ancient India is reflected in the collection of these tangible items. In ancient times, craftsmen used to take inspiration from Mahabharata based on Akshay Patra of Draupadi.

The other purpose behind this museum was to revive and spread Gujarati cuisine to different parts of the world through an innovative idea. The theme of this museum is refreshing and different from the conventional themes that we are accustomed to. A striking aspect of this museum is that all exhibits are displayed in the open, unlike other museums where exhibits are usually placed in glass casings. Keeping the utensils barrier-free is an important theme of this distinct museum. The uniqueness of the museum attracts locals as well as international tourists every year.

Wonderful Collection

A beautiful collection of utensils, this museum contains well-conceived and intricately crafted daily items like utensils for cooking and serving, pots for storing water, rolling pins, spoons and pitchers for whipping buttermilk. There are a countless number of bronze, brass and copper ware articles and more than 600 varieties of betel-nut crackers on exhibition. Each piece in this museum reflects remarkable craftsmanship. These utensils come from different Indian states such as Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan as well as from some parts of Central Asia. The utensils exhibited in this museum are a combination of aesthetic sense and sense of utility of people of yesteryears. The objects display an excellent equilibrium of art and craft.

Antique Exhibits

The museum holds exquisite display of various kinds of antique kitchenware and other items that are used in the household. So apart from utensils, you can find travel boxes, jewelry boxes and money boxes. The museum also houses utensils that were used during rituals. It has an incredible collection of locks. Many utensils here depict a high level of artistry in enamel work, sculpture, bidri ware and inlay work.

Visitor Information

  • Open round the year
  • Timings: Open from 1:00 PM-3:00 PM and from 5:00 PM-10:30 PM on all days of the week (except Mondays)
  • Fees: Adults- Rs.10; Children (3 to 11 years) - Rs.5.

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Vechaar Utensils Museum
Vechaar Utensils Museum
Vechaar Utensils Museum
Vechaar Utensils Museum
Vechaar Utensils Museum
Vechaar Utensils Museum

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