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Ethnology Museum

Location Bhuj, Gujarat
Significance Rare art and literature collection
Highlights Explicit display of Kach lifestyle by the renowned scholar Ramsinhji K Rathod

The Ethnology Museum at Bhuj is highly regarded for its preservation of the art and culture of the Kacchis (local populace of the desert region). Situated in the capital city of Kutch, the museum is a brilliant collection of ancient artefacts, paintings and textiles. The numerous sections of the museum are filled with rare relics and exuberant works of art.

The city of Bhuj is characterized by the lifestyles of the villagers and people of Kutch. The museum is said to be a massive collection of the cultural and social development of Kachchi people. This museum includes works of literature and handwork. The latter includes an extensive collection of embroidered art, leather work, wood work, carvings, terra cotta wall paintings and much more. All of these are valuable assets for archaeologists, artists and sociologists. The exhibits at this museum are preserved beautifully and they have been showcased for the present generation to have deeper insight in the evolving lifestyles of the people of Kutch.

The museum exhibits almost 1500 exceptional books on art and culture. It also has more than 4500 pictures of the Kutch people that reflect their life through the decades. Due to its great variety of rare art form this museum is also known as Bharatiya Sanskruti Darshan.


The Ethnology Museum was built by Rathod to present an exclusive display of the art work of Kachchi villagers. A greater part of the Bhuj city reflects the life of the kach villagers and the museum has been dedicated to the people of Kuch. Rathod is a scholar who has studied the Kacchi culture in detail. He is a scholar in the field of folk art and has gained a lot of prominence. Under his brilliant guidance this museum has become the Bharatiya Sanskruti Darshan.

Sections of the Museum

The museum comprises five sections. The central hall of the museum is the Ethnological section, which houses rare literature. This section also has the Sahitya Chitra. Other sections of the museum include paintings made of wood and mud (an exclusive Kacchi art), stone carvings, terracotta art and musical instruments of villagers. There are other sections that display knives and swords that were manufactured in Kutch. One section of the museum is a small hut. It is minutely designed for treasure keeping. This is a deep hut designed like the Kothala of ancient times. These huts were used as a treasure vault in the olden days.

Visitor Information

The Ethnology Museum Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Mondays is closed.

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Ethnology Museum
Ethnology Museum
Ethnology Museum
Ethnology Museum
Ethnology Museum
Ethnology Museum

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