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Gujarat is a state in India which is full of sociological and artistic traditions. Its impressive royal palaces are the biggest symbols to prove its architectural heritage and rich tradition. Its artistic galleries and museums are also place showing its legacy and culture. The foretastes of the royal emperors along with their history from birth to death are present in the Gujarat’s museums.

The museums of Gujarat portray expressive sight of its rich tradition and historical custom to the visitors. Due to their eloquent nature, the museums of Gujarat are at second place among the museums of India. They are an ideal source to know about traditional and cultural expertise that are enough to grab the attention of tourists.

Gujarat is the homeland of legendary hero Mahatma Gandhi and has got ingredients to attract a large number of tourists by Gandhi Smaral Sangrahalaya. This museum has been established in Ahmadabad in 1951. The new foundations of this museum were constructed in 1963. The main purpose of this museum is to feature the personal information and belongings of Mahatma. It also depicts the momentous and vibrant happenings in the life of Mahatma Gandhi. The museum contains manuscripts, Photostat copies and books that were in his possession along with photographs of Mahatma Gandhi and his wife Kasturba. The actual relics such as his spinning wheel and writing table, life sized oil paintings are the major attraction points.

Another famous museum of Gujarat is Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum which is located in Vadodara. This museum has its own architectural importance as it has got Indo Saracenic designs and was also the habitation of Gaekwad family. This museum has dual importance as it is a museum and at the same time was also a place to live for Geakwad family, it features a wide collection of treasures associated with era of Gaekwad family. Gujarat museums also contain a number of European cultural signs and their knick knacks.

Some of the Gujarat’s museums were originally the habitations of various maharajas due to which, these museums contain the valuable belongings of these royal people. Their belongings consist of pottery works, good of ivory, bronze, metal, metal crafts and art, sculptures etc. Some museums present the treasure troves of unique and exquisite collection comprising of antique pieces named as patachitras and pichhwais which are different crafts of painting done of pieces of clothes. Furthermore, these museums possess costumes, tents, fabrics, textile of religious significance and carpets to show the importance of culture in one’s life.

Some Gujarat museums are also featuring Roman and Greek sculptures along with their paintings. But it does not mean that people can only find these two traditions, but they can also see cultural representation of Japan, Burma, Cambodia, Sir Lanka and China. There is also a huge range of Indian utensils in these museums. Some of these museums also possess souvenir of famous politicians in India  in the form of paintings showing the incidents of their lives, books they use and lot more items related to them. Some Gujarat museums are the symbols of remarkable dexterity and architecture because of which, people have great historical values for them. In Gujarat, there are a number of traditionally and culturally famous museums of which, Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya, Maharaja Faten Singh Museum and Gandhi Museum are centre of attraction for the tourists.

Prominent Gujarat Museums and Galleries

Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum

This museum of Gujarat is situated nearer to Varodara which is a remarkable mansion rejuvenating its actual spirit. It presents countless archeological findings that involves Fellici’s Italian art work, Rapheal’s European paintings, extremely unique artwork by Japanese and Chinese artists and lot more marvels.

Gandhi Museum

The Gandhi museum in Gujarat is located nearer to Bhavnanagar. This museum is really a manifestation to look at. Completely unique and amazing snaps are placed in this museums that show unforgettable moments of the life of Mahatma Gandhi. The tourists by viewing these moments can imagine his personality and recognize that he was also a common person, but due to his utter courage and will-power, he has got such a respectable place in the eyes of every single Indian.

Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya

Its main objective is to tribute the most famous political and spiritual leaders who had played important role in the war of independence for India from total annihilation, persecution and turmoil from the British leaders. The doctrine of Gandhi for Non Violence is the centre of consideration for every visitor. He has been known as the Father of Nation, due to his obligatory contributions to support Indians to fight for their independence.

Calico Museums

Calico museum is famous as one of the mostly sought after museum in India. It pompously possesses textile associated items including costumes, tents, carpets, fabrics etc. A comprehensive stopover to this museum is truly a way to give humble and honest tribute to the impressive abilities of craftsmen of Indian textile industry who have developed such brilliant textile products that have impressed the whole world centuries ago.

Sardar Patel Museum

Sardar Patel Museum has been established in the memory of Sardar Vallabhbahi Patel who was a freedom fighter for India. This museum is made in the old place of Raj Bhavan that was a palace initially. The Sardar Patel Museum is located in Shahibaug representing the contributions, works and life of Sardar Patel.

Kite Museum

This museum in Gujarat attracts every tourist in the state no matter how old or young are they. The Kite Museum features remarkable collection of kites depicting the regional flavors and colorful history of the state.

Vadodara Museum

Vadoara Museum is famous for its archeology and art collections, ethnology, natural history and geology. The art gallery adjacent to this museum has got a wide variety of Mughal miniature collections, valuable palm leaves manuscripts related to Jain and Buddhist and old European master collections.


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