Beaches In Gujarat

Gujarat is a popular state located in the western region of the country. The coastline of this state extends more than 1,600 kms. Some of the excellent beaches are available in this state. They are extremely popular for their azure blue waters, palm trees swaying gently in the breeze and a wonderful climate. The beaches of this state are perfect for offering perfect relaxation. Several other attractions bring a lot of popularity to these beaches likeshore temples, Portuguese forts, beach resorts and port cities.

People who love to enjoy beaches and related activities can visit this beautiful state where a wide number of beaches dor the state landscape. The beachfronts varies in beauty and a large number of visitors come here to enjoy a great vacation. When visiting these beaches during favourable season enhance the pleasure. These beaches are perfect for exploring unadulterated beauty. There are lot of options to enjoy these places.

The major beaches that can be visited in this state are Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach, Gopnath Beach, Chorwad Beach, Veraval Beach and Bewt Dwarka Beach. One of the major beaches in the state is Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach that is popular for water sports facilities close to its seafront like parasailing, skiing and surfing. All these activities draw a large number of visitors who visit these famous and enormously picturesque and pleasant beaches in the state. Another highlight in this state is Porbandar that is endowed with a stunning beach. This attraction is perfect for all those people who are desperately looking for a serene and tranquil place to enjoy a good time.

Major Beaches of Gujarat

Diu Beach

About 125 kms away from Junagarh, this beach is located. This a perfect beach holiday destination located close to the island of Diu. Here, visitors can enjoy a perfect blend of sand, sun and azure blue waters along with several historical buildings dotting the landscape. There are magnificent churches that showcases erstwhile Portuguese architecture. All thes attracitions enhnace the popularity of this beach destination.

Mandvi Beach

About 288 kms away from the city of Ahmedabad, a magnificent Mandvi beach is located. This is positioned close to the Gulf of Kutch’s northern coast, Considered to be one of the beautiful beaches in Gujarat, this beach offers a perfect place for enjoying swimming and a leaisurely beach walk. A wide range of water sport activities like scooting, skiing, Para sailing and surfing are available that can be enjoyed by the visitors.

Chorwad Beach

About 66 km away from Junagarh, another magnificent beach namely Chorwad Beach is located in the state of Gujarat. A quaint fishing village, Chorwad is a mesmerising beach that is perfect for a quiet vacation and long walks across the beach. At one point of time, this destination was the summer retreat for Junagarh Nawab. Adding to the charm of this place are few old palaces dotting the landscape of this destination.

Porbandar Beach

Nestled amidst Dwarka Beach and the Arabian Sea lies Porbandar Beach. Visitors love to enjoy scenic views of sunrise and sunset, delicious, mouth watering seafoof strewn across the coast. There are many beach resorts and seaside resorts that offer some of the best seafood delicacies. Bird watchers can enjoy spotting Flamingoes and other bird species close to the beach. There are many other tourist attractions that are worth visiting for the tourists coming to this destination.

Gopnath Beach

About 275 km away from Ahmedabad, a beautiful Gopnath Beach is located. This scenic beach offers glorious views. It is well endowed with picturesque surroundings and soft sand. The Jhanjmer Fort, The Rajpara village, the Gopnath Temple and Talaja Jain Temple are some worth visitong attractions that are located close to this beach.

Somnath Beach

This is a beautiful, unshaded beach that beckons a large number of visitors from far and wide places. The Fishing port is the most interesting sight of this destination. Here, country crafts, trawlers, and dhows can be seen busy in their work. For them, this is the way to earn livelihood but for visitors it s a magnificent sight.

Ghoghla Beach

One of the spectaculr beaches in Diu, Ghoghla Beach attracts a large number of tourists. Besides scenic views, the beach also offers a wide array of water sport activities like para sailing, scooting and many more.

Beach Resorts in Gujarat

Visitprs coming to Gujarat for a beach vacation can rest assured about places of accommodation. This is because a wide array of accommodation facilities are available close to the beaches. The rooms are clean offering mesmerising beach views. They are tastefully decorated and are replete with necessary facilities and amenities. Many of the hotels offer a wide range of recreational facilities and mouthwatering delicacies in multi cuisine restaurants. Following are some popular beach resorts-

  • The Trident, Ahmedabad - 5 star
  • Holiday Inn, Surat - 5 star
  • Hotel Yuvraj, Surat - 3 star
  • Hotel Sheetal, Surat - Budget


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