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The River Gomati

At Dwarka in the State of Gujarat lies the Gomati river. Dwarka falls in the district of Jamnagar in Gujarat.

Dwarka also has Dwarka Pitha which is also known by the name of Kalika Pitha. It is one among the four cardinal mathas that were established under the guidance of Sri Adi Shankaracharya. The three other mathas are at Jyotirmath, Puri and Sringeri. In accordance with Hindu mythology, river Gomati is Sage Vashishtha's daughter and by taking a bath in its water one can wash all the sins one has committed.

River Gomati is also known with names such as Gomti and Gumti and is actually a tributary of the river Ganges. Originating in Nepal's Himalayan range it passes through Uttar Pradesh and Nepal flowing over a distance of 500 miles (805 km).

The Gomati Sangam Ghat

The Gomati Sangam Ghat is the place wherein the sacred river Gomati flows. One can visit this ghat by descending 56 steps from the Dwarkadish Temple's Swarg Dwar. Also known as descended Ganges it is at the Chakratirtha Ghat that the Gomati river fuses with the sea.

The star attraction at the Chakratirtha Ghat is a wheel made of stones white and porous in nature, known as Chakratirtha or Dwarkashila. As many as twelve ghats surround the river Gomati that serve as venues of Chakra Narayana, the Panchanada, Gomatiji Temple and Samudra Narayana Temple. Gomati Sangam is the point at which the river and ocean meet.

Holy Gomati Kund is the place on the banks of river Gomati where Lord Krishna served Rishi Durvasa. It is this very spot where the Arabian Sea and the river Gomati meet and taking a bath there is deemed sacred.

There are many temples at the Gomati Ghat including Shiva Temple. Many small shrines of Sudama and Lord Krishna are also here. In order to reach this place one will have to go by means of a boat enjoying the beautiful scenery of the town.

Gomati Chakra

The Gomati Chakra that are obtained from the river Gomati in Dwarka is believed to give success, health and wealth. It is used as a means to protect children. They are also used in various religious ceremonies and to worship yantras. During Puja Gangajal (sacred water) and sandalwood paste is offered to them. This spiralling entity represents, Fibonacci Number, The Golden Ratio - Phi - Spiralling Consciousness. This spiral structure symbolises evolution and growth. Its been here for centuries and also used by Greeks, ancient Celts and been a part of the Wicca beliefs. Anything growing takes spiral shape. These spirals can be seen in galaxies, cellular growth, DNA, tree trunks, etc.

Naturally obtained Gomati Chakra is a variation of shell stone found in the river Gomati in Dwarka in the State of Gujarat. It is assumed that it has the ability to bring favourable luck to people and its usage is done in Tantric and spiritual rituals. Gomati Chakra has a strong resemblance to Sudarshan Chakra (Discus) of Lord Krishna. Its usage is done as Yantra and used in Pujas. There is a belief among people that that Gomati Chakra brings prosperity, health and money.

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The River Gomati
The River Gomati
The River Gomati
The River Gomati
The River Gomati
The River Gomati

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