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Tapi River

Counted among the main rivers of Indian peninsula, Tapi River is 450 miles/ 724 kilometres long. Like Mahi River and Narmada River, this sacred river also travels from east to west, originating from Madhya Pradesh, the central state of India. Passing over many miles from here, the river makes its way to south Gujarat in Surat and finally merges in Gulf of Cambay of Arabian Sea.

Tapi River rises from the district of Betul from Multai, Madhya Pradesh. In Sanskrit, Multai is called Mulatapi, which means the source of Tapti River or Tapi Mata. This river is well known for its mythological values. According to Hindu mythology, Tapti is a sibling of Lord Shani. It is also believed to be the daughter of Sun God and his consort, Chhaya.
According to some beliefs, the Sun God brought about Tapi River to protect himself from his heat. There is a mention of this river in the epic Mahabharata. Going by this epic, Tapti is the consort of Sanvaran, who is considered to be legend of the moon dynasty. They gave birth to a son named Kuru, after whose name a dynasty called Kuru was established.
Today, the Tapi River is worshipped by the Hindus. It is believed that those who take bath in this river get rid of their sins.

Around Tapi River

Near the banks of Tapi River, a vast population of native people such as Dhodia and Bhila can be seen thriving. These people are totally reliant on the river for their survival. The soil that is found near the river bank is quite fertile and has tremendous agricultural values. Due to this, local and tribal communities living on the bank of this river use the soil for cultivation of major crops. Once the harvesting is done, the crops are sold in the market to earn money for living. The river water, on the other hand, is utilized in irrigation.
Tapi River also provides shelter to a large number of wild animals including tigers, lions, snakes, sloth bear, etc. Other attractions lying near this holy river are the silk and spice city of Surat and Ukai Dam.


Dotting the left bank of Tapi River, this second largest city of Gujarat is filled with a diverse range of attractions including beaches, forts, museums, temples and national park. However, of all of them, Blues Adventures – a recreational and adventure site - located at the basin of this river is a recent phenomenon. This site is contemplated for water-sports.

Around 94 km away from Surat is Ukai Dam. It is the largest reservoir of the state. Also known as Vallabh Sagar, this dam was built in 1971 in the city of Songadh, Gujarat for generating electricity and irrigation purposes. The catchment area of this dam spans around 62,255 km2, with water spreading over 52,000 hectare. It is considered to be a major project in Gujarat.

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Tapi River
Tapi River
Tapi River
Tapi River
Tapi River
Tapi River

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