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Gaurishankar Lake

Bhavnagar city in Gujarat is a major tourist attraction and included in most of the trip itineraries to this industrial and tourist state. Among the different cities to visit in Gujarat, Bhavnagar occupies an important place, in terms of historical monuments, natural sceneries and religious sentiments. Good rail communication with other major cities of this state, allows it to be accessed from Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and even from Mumbai. It also has an airport with a good number of domestic airlines having their operations. Structures and buildings in this historic township speak volumes about the culture and Gujarati traditions followed by people since medieval era. Eateries in this city are well known for a variety of dishes and Gujarati delicacies. But, the most remarkable feature of Bhavnagar’s popularity is the wide range of sightseeing places such as Takhteshwar Temple, Victoria Park, Palitana the center for Jain pilgrimage, Gaurishankar Lake and Blackbuck National Park.


Gaurishankar Lake is found in Bhavnagar amidst the natural surroundings of trees, picturesque sceneries and mini forest of Victoria Forest.

Surrounding Attractions

Bhavnagar Lake, as is the other name of Gaurishankar Lake, is surrounded by variety of interesting structures. There is a palace from the medieval days, musical fountains inside a Bal Vatika constructed primarily for adding attraction, boat house providing boating facilities and a planetarium for observing celestial formations. Besides, the ample space around Gaurishankar Lake, it is set up with special fairs and rotating circles for entertainment of the kids and adults alike.

With Victoria forest making a beautiful backdrop of this particular lake, it offers a great picnic spot. Victoria forest is quite thick and consists of plenty of medicinal plants and shrubs, as well as long trees to add freshness and purity to the surroundings. The forest has flora and fauna which are quite attractive and two nurseries are exhibiting plenty of plants and herbs with importance.

History of Gaurishankar Lake

According to historical facts, the Gaurishankar Lake was constructed in 1872 over an area of 381 hectares, with the purpose of providing sufficient supply of drinking water to the local people of this particular rule. The construction work was taken up by local ruler and was known among the local people as Bor Talav. In later years, it was renamed as Gaurishankar Lake, after the well known and illustrious personality from Bhavnagar, Dewan Gaurishankar Oza. Since those days, the lake also serves as a popular picnic spot, where various social occasions are celebrated, a tradition, which is still being followed in Bhavnagar. For this purpose, a number of structures have been constructed over the years, specifically bordering the region.

Reaching There

Tourists can arrive at Bhavnagar from various cities of Gujarat as well as from Mumbai due to the well connected railway tracks and the local domestic airlines, as there is an airport in Bhavnagar. It is located about 200 kms from Ahmedabad and 791 kms from Mumbai. Being in the proximity of the city, it can be reached by taxis or local bus transports, or tourists can walk to this serene location from their hotel rooms or guest houses.

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Gaurishankar Lake
Gaurishankar Lake
Gaurishankar Lake
Gaurishankar Lake
Gaurishankar Lake
Gaurishankar Lake

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