Waterfalls In Gujarat

Gujarat has always been one of the wonderful tourist places in India. You can find some of the most beautiful and waterfalls that attract tourist from all over the country, which earn good revenue for the state. Gujarat is blessed with abundant natural beauty, which steals every visitor’s heart.

Waterfalls in Gujarat

Ninai Waterfall

The first in the list of natural and attractive waterfalls is Ninai, which is located in Dediapada taluka of Narmada. The height of this fall is more than 30 feet, which is an additional point that adds beauty to this whole place. It is surrounded by forest like Shoolpaneshwar wildlife sanctuary, which makes the whole area green with beauty. The best thing is that this place is located close to the State Highway number 163. It is also close to Depiapada, which is 35 kms away from the place, and 200 kms away from Surat. The railway station is situated in Bharuch, which is like 125 kilometers away from this place. You can also reach this place through flight, and the nearest airport is located in Vadodara.

Zarwani Waterfall

There are numerous places in Gujarat that are worth visiting here. Thus the number of visitors coming to place every year is increasing. The credit also goes to the geographical location, which is surrounded by natural forest. Nature lovers can spend quality time here, close to nature away from the crowded city. It is because of the geographical location, this place has many waterfalls, and Zarvani is one of them. Play and splash water on your friends and family, and forget the worries of life. The best thing is that the waterfall is not located at a great height. Also, many organize campsite for tourists who like to spend quality time here.

Gira Waterfall

The best time to visit the beautiful place is during monsoon. Gira Falls has abundant beauty that makes it visiting it at least once. This beautiful fall is situated on the banks of Gira River, which is close to Girmal village, just 8 kilometers to the west side of the Shingala. You can easily reach this place through road that connects the Ahwa to Shingala or Navapur and Shingala. The total height of the waterfall is 75 feet, so the water has great current when it flows down and sometimes it creates fog like situation. If you are lucky, then you can enjoy the look of a rainbow, which is quite often seen here. All these factors make the place more interesting and fascinating. The authorities have already taken up the task to develop this place into a beautiful picnic spot, which will attract more tourists to this place every year.


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