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Narmada Waterfall

Not much would be required for an enchanting vacation trip, if the surroundings exude serene and peaceful ambience, backdrop of picturesque waterfalls and hill stations. With added feature of a sanctuary and dense forested regions, the region of Dediapada Forest ranges in Gujarat is worth a visit. Ninai Waterfalls, also known as Narmada Waterfalls, is located in the district of Narmada in Gujarat across the River Narmada, as it flows towards the city of Baruch to meet into the Arabian Sea. This last part of Narmada River is probably calmer and flows along a low basin, except for small hill ranges when it gives out picturesque waterfalls like that of the Ninai.


Ninai Waterfall or Narmada Waterfall is found in the taluka of Dediapada in district of Narmada in Gujarat. This water fall is a quaint place near the state highway 163 about 35 kms from Dediapada town and 143 kms from Surat. Hill station of Malsamot is the exact place from where one can visit the Narmada waterfalls. Surat is also the nearest airport to this waterfall, while Baruch is the nearest railway station at a distance of 125 kms. From the city of Ankleswar, which is known for its Shiva Temple, Malsamot Hill Station is about 85 kms. As per the location of the river basis of Narmada, this waterfall is towards the western part of Gujarat from where the river has a shorter distance to travel into the sea.

Narmada Waterfalls

In Ninai Falls, the water comes down from a height of about 60 meters with few caves in the gorges formed along the river course. This region is surrounded by the dense forests of Dediapada, while the hill station of Malsamot provides a picturesque surrounding all around the Narmada Waterfall. Most of the region is still unexplored and this has helped in maintaining the pristine beauty of the place. With some state guest houses and other village accommodations, visiting Narmada Waterfall is a pleasure for families as well as couples on honeymoon.


Due to the heavily forested surrounding, the area around Narmada Waterfall is quite a beautiful place. In Narmada District, this is one of the best places for promotion of ecotourism as envisaged by the collectorate. With the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary nearby with many temples and the Malsamot Hill Station, the place is chosen for eco-campsite. Activities like trekking, camping, rock climbing and even rafting can be done through visits to such camps. Many campsites have come up in recent years to promote ecotourism with encouragement by the local administration. Teak forests, wildlife sanctuary, valley view points, Malsamot Hill Station and the pleasure of being in the lap of nature makes Narmada Waterfall site a preferred picnic spot for many tourists. For accommodation purposes, there are a few guesthouses and cottages coming up in recent days which help for weekend stays.

With Narmada River passing through the border of Vadodara district and through Narmada district, Narmada Waterfall and Malsamot Hill Station has become a favourite spot of holiday destination. Nearby, there is also the Sardar Sarovar Dam Project and plenty of other sites worth visiting. With a boost to tourism in this place provided by the administration, plenty of nature lovers are finding it a great way to spend a weekend in Ninai or Narmada Waterfall site.

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Narmada Waterfall
Narmada Waterfall
Narmada Waterfall
Narmada Waterfall
Narmada Waterfall
Narmada Waterfall

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