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Gira Waterfalls

The Gira waterfalls are located 3 kilometres away from the town of Waghai, near Saputara. This waterfall is 30 meters in height, and is located on the river Ambica. The waterfall is a popular tourist destination, and on weekends people flock there to watch the waters fall from a great height into the river. The major attractions here, besides the waterfall, are a boating club and a botanical garden.


Situated 3 kilometres away from Waghai, the waterfall can be reached from the Waghai-Saputara road. This is among the most alluring scenic destinations of Gujarat.  June to December is the best time to visit, as this is a seasonal waterfall.

How to Reach

By Air

The nearest airport is located in Mumbai, about 250 kilometres away. Vadodara airport is situated a little more than 300 kilometres away.

By Rail

Narrow gauge rail connects Waghai to other parts of the state. The distance between Waghai and the waterfall proper can be covered via hired jeep or a bus. Cities such as Mumbai, Surat, and Ahmedabad are connected to the state via train to Billimora. From Billimora, the traveller can take a bus to the Gira falls.

By Road

Travellers can visit Gira waterfalls by car or bus from Waghai (3 km) and Saputara (50 km).

Nearby Attractions

Boating Club

The Saputara Lake, located in the Saputara Valley, is a beautiful destination for those looking for a quiet place to relax. The Lake is 21 meters deep and stretches out across the valley, which is overlooked by hills. Travellers hire rowing equipment and paddle boats to traverse the lake. There are play facilities for children on the banks of the lake.

Botanical Garden

Covering an area of 24 hectares, the Botanical Garden has more than 1,400 varieties of plants from all across the country. There are many different varieties of bamboo, such as the Chinese Bamboo, Beer Bottle Bamboo, and Golden Bamboo. This is the perfect destination for nature lovers. This place is located 49 kilometres away from Saputara.

Forest Nursery

Managed by the Forest Department, the nursery contains plants with blooming flower, fruit trees, and creepers. There are many different types of saplings to be found here. The best part is that people can purchase these saplings at a low cost. The nursery is noted for its scenic beauty and lush greenery.

Forest Log Huts

Visitors can stay in the log huts for a day and enjoy the experience of being in the lap of nature. The forest logs have a unique architecture, which makes them stand out.


This is a Dangi village situated 48 kilometres away from Saputara. The village is situated among a picturesque setting of lush bamboo groves. The local community here are chiefly artisans who create marvellously crafted toys and lamp shades out of bamboo roots.

Honey Bee Centre

The two aspects that interest visitors is the beautiful location and the bee keeping industry in action at the Honey Bee Centre. Visitors can watch how honey is collected from honeycombs, and also learn more about the bee keeping industry. They are provided information such as the amount of honey produced. Many visitors purchase a jar of honey from here, assured of its purity.

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Gira Waterfalls
Gira Waterfalls
Gira Waterfalls
Gira Waterfalls
Gira Waterfalls
Gira Waterfalls

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