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Girmal Falls

Girmal waterfall is located 8 km from Nishana on Ahwa-Nawapur Road near Girmal Village of Dang District in Gujarat. This waterfall extends to a height of up to 100 feet, making it the highest waterfall of Gujarat. The picturesque beauty of this site makes it popular among visitors and people of the region alike. The water swiftly falls from a great height, creating a fog like condition that’s eye catching.

The government of this state is working on many projects to make this place an ideal picnic spot and a tourist attraction. The fall comes to its best form at the time of monsoon and provides an immensely striking appearance. Some of the best natural features of Gujarat can be explored in this place. This place is a nice and refreshing retreat for any traveler.

Nearby Places to Visit

Gavdahad View Point

On route to Girmal and Nishana, this is a beautiful view point for visitors to explore. It’s a stunning view point that was developed by the Forest Department in proximity to Gavdahad village. The view point looks over a green part of Purna Sanctuary, which is surrounded by the U-shaped Gira River. The Eco-Development Department (EDC), under the control of forest department, currently functions a restaurant at this location and it is interestingly named the U-Turn Restaurant. This point also has four Giri Lodges with an Orientation/interpretation centre and attached bathroom facility.

Purna Sanctuary

This is a wealthy and large forest positioned between the Gira and Purna Rivers. The admirable beauty of its hilly section makes this a great attraction close to Girmal Falls. Picnic huts can also be found and make for a fun exploration. Entry to the forest requires prior permission from officials.

Dang Darbar

This is one of the most significant regional festivals celebrated annually before Holi, generally during March or April. People of Saputara gather together to celebrate an old custom of political pensions offered to the tribal kings. This festival is celebrated with music, color, dance, merry making and selling of tribal wares. Travelers can play a part and enjoy the festivities.

Saptashringi Devi Mandir

This is one of the most renowned religious places of Gujarat. Saptashringi Devi is the sister of Goddess Kali and tourists from far flung places come here to worship the deity. The temple is located 50 km away from Saputara. This place is renowned as the mountain with seven peaks. During Dussehra and Navaratri, this temple is decorated for visitors.

Botanical Garden

A Botanical Garden closeby has a rich variety of fauna and flora. This place covers around 24 hectares of land and is as retreat for tourists and nature lovers. The garden is home to more than 1400 vegetation varieties and some rare plants like Golden Bamboo, Beer Bottle Bamboo and Chinese Bamboo. Each plant is classified differently and is kept in order of its species. It lies only 24 km from Saputara, which makes it easily accessible.

How to Reach Girmal Falls

To get to the falls, one has to first reach Girmar. Girmar is a small and less populated village in Dang. It lies approximately 343 km from the state capital Gandhinagar.

By Air

The nearest airport is Sardar Vallabbhai International Airport located in Ahmedabad. Daily flights are available to various Indian and international cities. One can book tickets through various travel packages.

By Rail

No railway station can be found within 10 kilometers of its distance. However, Girmal can be reached through the Vapi Railway Station which is located at a distance of 102 km from Girmal. Another Railway Station close to Girmal is Waghai.

By Road

Road transport facilities include state and private luxury buses to Dang and Mahal district. Buses are available from all major cities. Private taxis can also be booked from these cities. Mahal is 409 km from Ahmedabad and 51 km from Waghai.

Ideal Time to Visit

Best time for visiting Girmal Falls is between the months of July to December. Generally, the waterfall dries up during the month of January, so a visit isn’t recommended. The forest department provides good sitting arrangement at this place. They have created many viewpoints around the fall. The waterfall displays its true grandeur during the monsoons.

Accommodation Facilities

There are various places of accommodation near the Girmal Falls. Camp sites and lodges can be booked for detailed exploration and sightseeing. Some of the known accommodations here include Mahal Eco Campsite, Vansda Nature Campsite and Padamdungari Eco Camping. Many hotels are resorts are also available near these falls.

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Girmal Falls
Girmal Falls
Girmal Falls
Girmal Falls
Girmal Falls
Girmal Falls

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