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Sabarmati River

Sabarmati River originates from the Dhebar Lake in Aravalli range at Udaipur, Rajasthan. It finally merges with the Arabian Sea at the Gulf of Cambay after covering a distance of 371 km. On the banks of Sabarmati River lie Ahmadabad and Gandhinagar, Gujarat’s political and commercial capitals. Sabarmati Ashram, which finds prominent mention in the struggle for independence, also lies on the banks of this river. This ashram was Mahatma Gandhi’s home. The current Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi has turned the banks of Sabarmati River into a walkway, giving a boost to the tourism at Ahmadabad. The walkway has many rides and water-activities on offer. Several people come to the Sabarmati walkway every day to take a view of the river.

The Geography

Sabarmati is a well-known river that has attracted several students and historians ever since the struggle of Independence started. The Sabarmati Basin stretches to a maximum length of about 300 km. The total catchment area here is 21674 km, of which 18550 km is in Gujarat. The rest is in Rajasthan. The Sabarmati River Basin extends over parts of Rajasthan to include Udaipur, Pali, Sirohi and Dungarpur districts. The origin point, Aravalli hills, is Udaipur’s western boundary. Sabarmati riverbank houses two prominent cities of Gujarat—Gandhinagar and Ahmadabad.

The Past

If legends are to be believed then Sultan Ahmad Shah of Gujarat led to the establishment of Ahmadabad. He was resting on the bank of Sabarmati River when he saw a rabbit courageous enough to chase a bully dog. This made him believe that if a rabbit of this region was so brave, the people here would be even better. This happened in 1411 and Ahmadabad was formed.


The main projects along the Sabasrmati River are the Harnav Dam, Sei Dam, Dharoi dam, Harnav Weir, Guhai Dam, Hathmati Dam, Kalpsaar Project and Watrak Project.

Information on Tourist Significance

A lower promenade walkway of Sabarmati riverfront is being constructed under the regimen of Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi. The plan includes a 7 km-long walkway on the western side of the river and a 6 km-long walkway on the eastern side. Ahmadabad Municipal Corporation is developing this project and the Sabarmati riverfront will have 26 water rides. This includes an amphibious bus that will be operated inside the water and on road also. Ticket ride for speed boat will be Rs 100, water craft Rs 100, motor boat Rs 20, jet-ski water scooter Rs 200, pedal boat Rs 15, zorbing (water bubbles) Rs 60.

There will be a ferry service between Vadaj Dadhichi Rushi over bridge to Vasna river bridge, zip line, floating restaurant for visitors and various other entertainment options.

The walkway will also have a dream marathon event to run between Vallabh Sadan and Vasna Barrage.

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Sabarmati River
Sabarmati River
Sabarmati River
Sabarmati River
Sabarmati River
Sabarmati River

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