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Gangajalia Lake

Social gatherings are common in Gujarati culture and people in Bhavnagar take pride in their motherland. It is home to a lot of people with Gujarati tradition, with Bhavnagar being the fifth largest city in the state. It is located at about 198 kms from Gandhinagar, the capital city of Gujarat, towards the west of Gulf of Khambat. In Saurashtra region, it is the second largest city, but considered to be the cultural capital of SAURASHTRA. Bhavnagar came into being in 1724, by the efforts of its founder ruler, Bhavsinhji Gohil. In the past, the port of Bhavnagar served as an important center for trading with various other countries through the water route.

Bhavnagar Exudes Cultural Heritage and Deep Rooted Gujarati Traditions

Culturally, the city of Bhavnagar holds a lot of importance in the state of Gujarat. Not only a lot of famous personalities in diverse fields have this city as their birthplace, but it also was a well planned city with good drainage system, water supplies and fortification. Many natural heritage sites are found in this city. Industrial development in Bhavnagar has been very rapid and therefore responsible for the good economic status. Apart from all the development and industrialisation, there are plenty of places to visit in this city which recall the olden days and at the same time, provide relaxed atmosphere for the tourists and the local people.

Some important monuments and structures adorn the city of Bhavnagar, such as Takhteshwar Temple, Bhav Vilas Palace, Nilambaug Palace, and various natural sightseeing locations like Gaurishankar Lake, Gangajalia Lake, Victoria Park, Ghogha Beach, and Blackbuck National Park.

Even though Gangajalia Lake is newly renovated, it dates back to many years. This lake is located in the heart of the city of Bhavnagar making it presently an often visited site by the local people. Tourists come here to find a relaxed atmosphere and soak in the beauty of the surroundings.

History of Gangajalia Lake

Since many years, the Gangajalia Lake was in a neglected condition, used primarily for dumping of waste from the city. Even though it was dry, it served as a good place for throwing away waste from different regions of the city. Later on, the municipal corporation of Bhavnagar revamped the waste dump area to form a lake which was probably meant for collection of water during rainy season in the past. Its location within the centre limits of the city is indicative of this particular purpose.

Present day Gangajalia Lake

After the renovation work on Gangajalia Lake, the present area spreads over 200 sq mts and is a beautiful place now. Nearby, on three sides of the lake area are the major roads of Mahatma Gandhi Road and its intersection with Roopam Chowk and Ambedkar Chowk. On the eastern side of the lake is the Ganga Deri Temple, which has been constructed as the replica of Taj Mahal and is also a well known place to visit. Across Mahatma Gandhi Road is the Mahila Bagh, another important garden area in the city of Bhavnagar. To encourage visitors to this lake, the corporation has paved the surrounding areas of Gangajalia Lake and made it suitable for joggers. Along this paved path, there are speakers for rendition of music which is a soothing backdrop for people visiting this lake for relaxation.

Gangajalia Lake in Bhavnagar has some historical importance. But, the heritage and legacy from the days of the maharajas of Gujarat has been preserved and converted into a public space to provide some free space and air along with greenery for the local people.

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Gangajalia Lake
Gangajalia Lake
Gangajalia Lake
Gangajalia Lake
Gangajalia Lake
Gangajalia Lake

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