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Lakhota Talav

Lakhota Talav is adorned with a small beautiful island that houses Lakhota Palace. It is an extensively structured fort-like palace where walls echo the rich history of a regal India. Lakhota Palace today houses a museum enriched with various artifacts of the past. It is believed that in the past this place was used to support the local people in times of food and water scarcity. This was done on the orders of Jam Rava, in whose honor the city was renamed Jamnagar.

The city was founded by Jam Rava, who hailed from the royal Jadega dynasty of Gujarat. In ancient times, this city was named Nawanagar, implying new city. The city maintains rich glory of its heritage and many places speak of its royal past till today. One such heritage is Lakhota Talav, a lake that renders a breathtaking view of the Lakhota palace.

Lakhota Palace and Museum

Lakhota Palace stands as a testimony to the glorious history of a bygone era. It was presumably built to protect the city during war times. Built by the rulers of Nawanagar, this palace was once owned by Maharaja of Nawanagar. The most spectacular view of this palace is rendered during evening time when the sun has fully set.

This palace has a fort like structure, which has a semi-circular stronghold resembling a fort, a revolving place for guns and gunners, musket loops, powder flask and a tower which houses swords. There is a stone bridge, which connects the palace to the town. Around the fort is Koath Bastion, which is highly regarded for its arsenals. These were created by the royal family of Jamnagar. One of the interesting things about this building is an old well. Water can easily be withdrawn by blowing into a tiny hole on the ground.

Today, the palace is abode of a small museum known as Lakhota Museum, which consists of artifacts depicting the lives of people that lived in the past. Artifacts exhibited in the museum ranges from a period of 9th century to 18th century. There are potteries from medieval age that were used by villagers. In addition, 10th century copper plates and statues are displayed here. It also has a skeleton of a whale. Walls of this museum are painted with watercolor on wet plaster. These paintings depict various wars that have been fought by the royal dynasty of Gujarat.

Things to enjoy around Lakhota Talav

If you like bird watching, then this lake is an ideal place to enjoy it. Around 75 species of birds frequent this area every year. Some of the birds are gulls, pelicans, ducks, flamingos and spoonbills. You can even enjoy a boat ride with your family and friends. This place is thronged with people mostly during weekends and evenings. Other than bird watching, visitors can also enjoy refreshments, which are sold in and around the park during evening time. Refreshments are usually the local snacks and cuisine loved by people of Jamnagar.

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Lakhota Talav
Lakhota Talav
Lakhota Talav
Lakhota Talav
Lakhota Talav
Lakhota Talav

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