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Sahasralinga Talav

The Sahasralinga Talav at Patan in Gujarat is a reservoir that was created to collect river water. The tank is made while considering minute details of architecture and technology, which makes it an engineering marvel. It’s designed with a combination of sturdy and durable materials, which was a laudable achievement for 1084, the year when it was built. This makes the tank is an age old wonder constructed by Raja Sidhraj Jaisingh.

Though it has been a victim of many attacks, the remnants of the lake are still visible and have survived to link the past with the present. As the name implies, the tank has a thousand lingas (Sahasralinga) and a number of sculptures representing gods and goddesses. This remarkable reservoir was built on the original Durlabh Sarovar built by King Durlabhray.

About Sahasralinga Talav

The methodology used to construct the tank was thoughtfully worked upon to save people from a water crisis and to preserve the purity of the water. The basin was filled with the water of river Saraswati and spread in an area of 5 km. The banks of the reservoir are made of stones and steps created to reach the waters. At the same time, thousands of shiva lingas are carved on the edges of the tank.

There is a striking remain of a three-ringed hose gate that was meant to take away excess water from the river and direct it to the tank. This way, the tank served as a flood management system. The outstanding structure of the tank had brilliant water filtration system as well. This water purification plant was in built within the tank and there were platforms holding the pillars which give till today give us a practical view of the lake and its working. The bank of the talav shows the remains of a magnificent Shiva Temple with an arcade of 48 pillars. There are a number of small temples and one peculiarity visible in each one of them is the presence structure depicting the conjunction between the male and female.

The Sahasralinga Talav displays an incredible peep in to the past and great skills of the masonry. The grandness and splendour of the tank can be made out from the left over ruins still lying. The famous legend of Siddhraj Jaisingh’s is also linked to this tank. He desired to marry a poor married woman he saw at the talav digging the tank. When the king proposed to marry her, she committed sati in her refusal rather than marrying the king and protected her honour.

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Sahasralinga Talav
Sahasralinga Talav
Sahasralinga Talav
Sahasralinga Talav
Sahasralinga Talav
Sahasralinga Talav

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