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Kankaria Lake

The Kankaria Lake in the capital city of Gujarat is a visitor’s delight. One of the largest lakes of the state, it has a polygonal structure that provides an extravagant view to the visitor. The lake is in the Maninagar area of Ahmadabad and is a popular spot for evening leisure time.

This stunning lake attracts people of all age groups. The lake front developed recently at the periphery of the lake has fun and educational activities where children learn science and environmental awareness together. The many fun activities available at the lake attract a lot of children.

The lake view and the lake front recently developed is a dazzling experience of world class entertainment and unlimited fun. The lake has also proposed a children's gardens along with a boat club. They also plan to open a natural museum and a zoo. The lakeside has many eateries to cater to the hordes of people visiting Kankaria Lake. However, the place is considerably clean and litter free.

About Kankaria Lake

Kankaria Lake covers a distance of almost a mile and is spread across 32 hectares. The lively entertainment hub is again spread along its shores and also covers an almost equal amount of space. The lake was created by the Sultan Qutb-ud-Din in 1451 and was used by the kings to take bath. The lake had an in built water purification system which has perished with the course of time. The huge water body has steps leading down till the water area. The lake was constructed with a piece of land in the utmost centre of the water body which leads through a walkway called the Nagina Wadi.

The island has been developed into a garden it stands in the centre of the lake. Once here, the miles of water give a spectacular view of the lights and people at the coastline of the lake. The boat ride to this island is memorable.

Activities around the Lake

Kankaria Lake attracts a lot of public by many highlights on the outer periphery of the lake. Adventure activities like the helium balloon here, which is almost the first one in the country, lets you have a bird eye view of the city. One can also undertake walking in the zorb ball, bungee jumping, rock climbing and speed boating.

Some fun classes are also held here at the lake including fire fighting sessions. Their personality enhancing classes include learning how to be a radio jockey, newspaper-making and ice-cream-making. Besides all of these, kids can also enjoy toy trains and fun rides. There is an evening show of laser lights and musical fountain which has a breathtaking view.
There is an upcoming Stone Mural Park around the lake, which is likely to be the biggest in the country. It will display the rise and history of Gujarat carved by sculptors.

The Kankaria festival adds to the excitement if you visit around that time. The festival is celebrated for almost seven days in the last week of December. There are fun activities, more stalls and a display of art and culture.

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Kankaria Lake
Kankaria Lake
Kankaria Lake
Kankaria Lake
Kankaria Lake
Kankaria Lake

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