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Sursagar Talav

What lies in the centre of Vadodara City, Sursagar Lake attracts many visitors. It is surrounded by the famous Mangal Bazzar and Nyaymandir Gate. The lake is an artificial manmade structure built in the 19th century in the reign of the great Gaikwad family who ruled over Vadodara for quite a long time. This is also one of the largest manmade lakes in Vadodara and is spread over a magnificent area of one and a half mile. The shape of the lake is circular and markets are lined all along its vicinity.
The speciality of the lake is that it is able to maintain a considerable water level even during the summers. The rains give an additional boost to its water levels. Thus, it has always remained as a favourite for the people of Vadodara.

About Sursagar Lake

This artificial lake is a phenomenon of 19th century engineering. The lake is 60 m deep and is built with stones and concrete to give it depth and to maintain it clean. The lake has been built with inbuilt water flooding preventive measures. There have provisions made by building gates which can be opened in cases of excess water. Once these gates are opened the water flows to the nearby River Vishwamitra. The lake was built in such a manner that the flow of water was directed away from the city.

In present day, the lake serves as an excellent picnic spot and works up a cooling mechanism during summer time. Provisions have also been made at the lake for boating. During Ganesh Chaturthi the lake displays a spectacular view of the lord’s idols being immersed in water as residents of the entire city come here for immersion of their deity. The lake has been beautified recently with a 120 ft high Lord Shiva idol. There are lights and fountains added to decorate the lake. The idol is centrally placed and is most of the time partially immersed in water.

The lake has been maintained well. It is clean and enhances the beauty of the city. Boating on motor boats and paddle boats makes it an exciting place for kids. There are small stalls to enjoy street food. While Sursagar lies amidst chaotic markets, important buildings and noisy streets, the lakeside is calm and still.

The lake attracts a lot of visitors and tourists in the evenings and renders peace of mind. It offers some fun activities as well for the entire family to enjoy.

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Sursagar Talav
Sursagar Talav
Sursagar Talav
Sursagar Talav
Sursagar Talav
Sursagar Talav

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