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Ranmal Lake

Jamnagar city was erected by the Jam Rawal in the early 1540s. Called Nawagarh earlier, the city got its current name much later. The popular Ranmal Lake is a highlight attraction of city with its attractive look and exquisite appeal. Also called Lakhota Lake, Ranmal Lake is located in the heart of the city. This lake has a lot to add to the heritage of the city. The town is popular for the peal fisheries that are mostly available by the lake. It is also a popular tourist hotspot as tourists visit the place to understand the cultural heritage of Gujarat and to enjoy the exotic natural beauty of the state.

The Lakhota Palace at the centre of the lake has a striking view when seen from the shore. Once can get to the palace by a short boat ride. The lake was created in 1834-1846 along with two other heritage structures in the city. The Lakhota Well and Bhujio Kotho were also constructed by King Jam Ranmal II of Navanagar state. The three were created to provide relief during a drought in the city. The inner part of Ranmal Lake has a periphery of 2 km. The outer one has a road and a bridge dividing it.

A Favourite Tourist Spot

Jamnagar is one of the most perplexing cities of Gujarat state. A trip to this city is an ideal way to know more about the prosperity and rich cultural heritage of the state. The city is located near the banks of attractive water bodies, which includes rivers and lakes of Jamnagar that are steered by the outlandish exquisiteness of Ranmal Lake. This lake is highly regarded for its bird spotting and for a cherishing palace in the middle of its waters. The massive Ranmal Lake has silent waters and ruins within them. There are many steps leading to the waters and the lake spans across the city.

By the Lake

An important attraction in the city of Jamnagar, Ranmal Lake welcomes you with its broad bank, striking arches and a breathtaking view at night. It is the place to enjoy a cool evening breeze or a drive at night. This lake is a haven for nature lovers and bird watchers, who assemble around the striking shoreline to soak into the beauty of the lake.
In the winter months, more than 70 species of birds are known fly to this exotic lake from all parts of the world. This makes the winter season possibly the best time to visit Jamnagar city.

The palace in this lake has an interesting museum, which is a must visit for history lovers. Called the Lakhota Museum, it displays objects that speak of the living of the people of Jamnagar in the past. The displays in the museum range from the 9th century to 18th century. There are potteries on display from the medieval age and 10th century copper plates.

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Ranmal Lake
Ranmal Lake
Ranmal Lake
Ranmal Lake
Ranmal Lake
Ranmal Lake

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