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Vadnagar Torans

Vadnagar is basically an ancient city of Gujarat located in the Mehsana district. Historical reference of the city dates back to 2,500 B.C. The excavations carried out by the Archeological department have established the presence of human habitation during that period. The excavations have mainly brought out the settlement of well developed agricultural community in this early period in Vadnagar. Some of the prominent items found during the excavations included tools, ornaments, Pottery and textiles pieces from the present Sharmishtha lake location. The archeologists believe that the people who inhabited these regions were the descendents of Harappan population.

Toranas which is a symbol of victory also called as Victory Arches are considered the most prominent historical monuments of Vadnagar. The Toranas which bear a majestic look are located on the western shore of Lake Sharmishtha. These are believed to be erected by the Solanki rulers in 10th century. Solanki rulers ruled the Vadnagar region between 942 A.D to 1242A.D. These Toranas as per the historians are the symbol of victory over the conquerors from the north-east. The Toranas which stands tall as a four-stories building contains marvelous architecture made of red sandstone giving excellent delight to the visiting tourists.

Divided Opinion About Existence of Toranas By The Historians

The historians have diversified views on the existence of Toranas. Some believe that the Toranas are actually the remains of a temple complex or a large palace. It is also believed that the other structures may have become ruins over the years and the Toranas alone survived. Also there is no clear evidence on the aspect why they are erected side by side and the reason for their irregular structure. The pillars of the Torans are designed with an upper attic and contain an attractive cusped arch. Majority of the parts of the 'Torans' are designed in such a manner that they resemble the temple structures. There is also no indication of other structural ruins near the Toranas. Some historians also believe that they might be shifted and relocated from some other place where they originally existed. Some ruins of the ancient structures existed between the Naagdhara and Toranas from where the Lake Sharmishtha gets water.  There also existed some statues and carved stones all over the place till late 1960s. However, they are not seen presently. Historians also believe that if the entire region is excavated properly lot of exciting truths about the place will be revealed.

How to Reach Vadnagar

By Bus

Ahmedabad is the nearest prominent city from Vadnagar located at a distance of 100 km. The travel time by bus is around 1 hr 30 min. There are regular bus services between these places.

By Train

Vadnagar has a railway station. However, the main Railway stations near Vadnagar are Unjha, Mehsana and Ahmadabad

By Flight

Sardar Vallabhai Patel International airport is the nearest airport located at Ahmedabad.

Visit this historical monument and mesmerizing creation of the 10th century by Solanki Kings when you plan a trip to Gujarat.

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Vadnagar Torans
Vadnagar Torans
Vadnagar Torans
Vadnagar Torans
Vadnagar Torans
Vadnagar Torans

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