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Ramkund Stepwell

Ramkund Step well is a square shaped well with a distance of 56 feet on its side carrying the sculptures of characters from our great old epic Ramayana like Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman, Lakshman and Goddess Devi Sita along with 10 incarnations of our Lord Vishnu all through its walls. Ramkund Step well is located exactly across the Kutch Museum and Ram Dhun Temple. As a person walk downwards towards the water, he or she comes across sudden coolness and calmness which is nowhere present on the roads above Step well. In this quiet atmosphere, one can stay calm for a while and can experience a reflection of their personal experiences. There is Ram Dhun Temple located straight opposite to Ramkund Step well which is worth for a visit.

How to Get Here

By Road

For tourists who travel from Ahmadabad, the most convenient route might be the bus route compared to that of train though it may be slightly expensive. There are various sleeper class buses equipped with complete horizontal bunk facility operated by several private companies. These buses will leave the city towards Bhuj sometime between 8 pm and 11 pm and will reach Bhujat 6 am to 8 am the following morning. All these bus companies have their office for booking tickets around the region called Paldi in Ahmadabad. The most prominent and recommended ones are the Patel Travels and Sahjanand Travels. Apart from this, there is also the facility of private setting, i.e., non-sleeper and State Transport (ST) buses which are operated towards the service of the tourists at a reasonable price but are significantly less comfortable.

By Rail

There are two daily service express trains namely the Bhuj Express and the Kutch Express. The Bhuj Express runs between Bhuj and Ahmadabad with running time of 8 hours, whereas the Kutch Express runs between Bhuj and Mumbai with the running duration of 16 hours. Both these trains pass through Ahmadabad somewhere at midnight as their time schedule is planned to leave and reach at reasonable hours between Bhuj and Mumbai, but not from Ahmadabad.

By Air

There is one or more flight operations between Bhuj and Mumbai.

Once a person reaches Bhuj, one can opt for State Transport buses as they reach greater destinations all over the district. There is also an option for rented private jeeps (this is a convenient option for large group of visitors). There are also smaller regions which can only be reached through Chhakdas.

Related Image

Ramkund Stepwell Porbandar
Ramkund Stepwell Porbandar
Ramkund Stepwell Porbandar
Ramkund Stepwell Porbandar
Ramkund Stepwell Porbandar
Ramkund Stepwell Porbandar

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