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Adi Kadi Vav And Navghan Kuwo

Variety of features marks the popularity of the state of Gujarat giving it a favoured tourist destination. Spread across India are plenty of destinations of touristic importance, ranging from white sandy blue water shored beaches to the exotic mist covered hill stations. National parks with their share of uninhibited and carefree wildlife are also well known in India. Historical monuments and structures are of special attraction among the tourists. Especially, those structures which have been carrying a mark of the tradition and culture of Indian society are found to be frequently visited by the tourists. In Gujarat, Junagadh district is a well known location. For its myriad historical structures from the ancient days of Chandragupta Maurya and Ashoka as well as for natural beauty of the Gir National Park and its tigers, the district of Junagadh has been found to be of special importance.

Junagadh tourism boasts of unique step wells of Navghan Kuwo and Adi Kadi Vav

Junagadh district swells in pride due to the presence of innumerable destinations of historical importance. Abundance of forts, temples, hill stations, wildlife attractions and manmade architectural structures in Junagadh have easily made this place a favourite among the travellers, especially those who seek to unravel new locations with historical and structural excellence. Navghan Kuwo and Adi Kadi Vav are two such architectural masterpieces which have the bearings to be slated as worthy places of touristic importance.

Architectural structure

Named after the 320 BC fort built by Chandragupta Maurya, Uparkot, Junagadh also has a meaning which suggests ‘Old Fort’. Near the Uparkot Fort in Junagadh, the step wells of Adi Kadi Vav and Navghan Kuwo are situated. They present a very different form of underground wells because of the nature in which they came into existence. These two step wells were carved from underground stone, including the steps, columns and walls, while the well itself has been left as it was found naturally. Other kinds of dug wells are constructed by digging into the surface and thereafter the walls, steps and columns are constructed as they would have been in construction above the ground. This suggests that the Navghan Kuwo and Adi Kadi Vav were built from a single stone piece which goes on to show the brilliance of the diggers and craftsmen, who made this possible.

Historical backgrounds of Navghan Kuwo and Adi Kadi Vav

  • Built in 15th century, Adi Kadi Vav is a step well carved from a single rock. About 120 steps have been carved using the stone which finally meets the shaft of the well at very deep levels. There are few legends associated with this well. On the order of the king, the workers started digging into the hard rock at this point, but couldn’t find water. According to the royal priest, two unmarried girls were to be sacrificed at this point to find water, therefore Adi and Kadi were chosen for the purpose and eventually water was found. Another legend tells the story of two girls, Adi and Kadi, who used to bring water from this well by climbing down and up the long flight of stairs.
  • Navghan Kuwo is relatively older, said to be built more than thousand years ago, prior to 1026 AD. This step well was built from the excavation of soft rock to some extent, while the rest of the structure was constructed artificially, like it is done with other kinds of wells. Spiralling along the walls of the well, the stairs go down about 170 ft to the water level. It has been said that the water from this particular place gave solace and supplies during war times.

Since these two step wells are located in Junagadh, it is possible for tourists to arrive at this location easily, which also has plenty of buses and taxis plying with tourists. Unique features of the Navghan Kuwo and Adi Kadi Vav are able to uphold the touristic significance of these architectural beauties and have brought many tourists to this place in Gujarat.

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Adi Kadi Vav And Navghan Kuwo
Adi Kadi Vav And Navghan Kuwo
Adi Kadi Vav And Navghan Kuwo
Adi Kadi Vav And Navghan Kuwo
Adi Kadi Vav And Navghan Kuwo
Adi Kadi Vav And Navghan Kuwo

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