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Navjivan Nature Cure Centre

Navjivan Nature Cure Center was established in 1971 by renowned child specialist Dr. B.G. Savla (M.B.B.S., D.C.H) together with his wife Mrs. Pushpa Savla in Bhuj. It was earlier known as Nature Cure Centre. Within a short span of time, it gained enormous popularity and good response from their patients. As there is significant increase in the number of patients visiting this place together with their desire to relocate outside this small place, they shifted from Bhuj to present address. Shri Ramniklal Dhanji Chhadva and his wife Smt. Maniben R. Chhadva played a major role in this transfer process. The newly shifted Nature Cure Centre was renamed as Navjivan Nature Cure Centre where Navjivan refers to ‘New Life’. Their sincere commitment towards healing people for the last 35 years has been given the credit of being one among the oldest nature cure centre in our country which attracts people from different parts of the world.

Thus, Navjivan was initiated with a mission to guide people towards harmony in a healthy manner in order to enjoy a healthy and new life. Their mission could be accomplished only with proper support from the patients. Their sincere request to their patients is to provide 100% commitment in the form of energy and time in order to achieve complete good health. Our universe is controlled by Nature. The area of naturopathy deals with the process of renovating all natural forces like air, fire, water, earth and mind in order to accomplish complete health. This centre makes use of all easy and simple protocols that are free from any harmful side effects. Their complete package of therapies together with vital forces of body and mind inculcates everlasting and strong health conditions. Their therapy includes a combination of natural food items, yoga, meditation and the perfect balance of all the five elements of nature.

The treatments at this Navjivan Nature Care Centre are designed to detoxify the body from all the toxins and to balance the body by treating all the dreadful diseases and thereby improving the person’s general health. This centre also permits their customers to participate in their ‘art of healthy living’. The list of their treatment protocols includes herbal medicines, acupressure/reflexology, physiotherapy, beauty treatments, massages, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, Panchkarma, meditation and also yoga. Navjivan strongly believes in the role of nutrients in restoring the health. Diet is a significant part of naturopathy and hence, they prefer raw food due to its high alkaline content which helps in reducing acidity and keeps digestive disorders at bay. Non-Veg food items are strictly restricted inside their premises.

They lay utmost care in serving fine, healthy and fresh food in buffet style. They follow personalized food pattern where no two individuals will consume the same type and amount of food.

How to Reach

It is located in Kachchh, 34 km from Bhuj and 22 km from Mandvi, on the Bhuj-Mandvi road besides Punadi Patiya. Bhuj is well connected with all the major towns and cities of India by road, rail and airways.

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Navjivan Nature Cure Centre
Navjivan Nature Cure Centre
Navjivan Nature Cure Centre
Navjivan Nature Cure Centre
Navjivan Nature Cure Centre
Navjivan Nature Cure Centre

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