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Royal Chhatardis

Hamirsar Lake situated in Kutch region is an excellent place to cool off in summer season. People prefer to swim and women do their laundry here. By travelling through the edge of the Hamirsar Lake, one can visit most of the prominent places like Aina Mahal, Ramkund step well and Ram Dhun Temple.

The road to Royal Chhatardis leads from Hamirsar Lake. It is approximately a 20-minute walk from south west of Hamirsar and the road takes you to the Royal Chhatardis or Royal cenotaphs. These are basically memorials to those not actually buried there. These are the monuments of Royals of Bhuj. Many of the monuments in this category have already ruined in the Bhuj earthquakes of 2001 and other natural calamities. However, the structures that are located in Desarji, Raydhanji II and Lakhpatji are still in place. Royal Chhatardis are located in the middle of a field deserted without any buildings in and around. It has serene atmosphere during most of the day time. However in afternoon, the area remains very hot and bright under the blazing sun. The word chhatardis is derived from the local word CHHATTARDI which means “Umbrella”. It is believed to have been constructed in memory of Maharaj Shri Lakhpat Singhji of Kutch state. The chattardis are cultural sculpture heritage which are unique in construction and architecture.

Some of The Other Sightseeing places in And Around The Royal Chhatardis Are

  • Narayan Sarovar
  • Koteshwar Temple
  • Wild Ass Sanctuary
  • Chinkara Sanctuary
  • Aaina Mahal
  • Prag Mahal
  • Kutch Museum
  • Ramkund Step well
  • Dholavira - Harappan site
  • Palitana Jain pilgrims center
  • Kera Shiva Temple
  • Sharad Baug Palace
  • Vijay Vilas Palace architectural village
  • Bhujodi craft village
  • Bhadreshwar Pilgrimage center

How to Reach Kutch

By Road

For people travelling from Ahmadabad to Kutch, buses are the most convenient mode of travel even though it is little expensive. There are numerous sleeper and luxury buses operating between Ahmadabad and Kutch. The private bus operatives have their offices located at various locations in and around prominent cities in Gujarat. Apart from these there are also luxury sitting buses and State Transport buses that can help you cut down a bit on the expense.

By Rail

There are two express trains the Kutch express and Bhuj express operating daily from Mumbai and Ahmadabad respectively. Both these trains arrive at Ahmadabad in the odd hours during the night. This is because the train timings are set in such a way that they reach the Bhuj at reasonable hours.

By Air

There are only limited flights between Bhuj to Mumbai. However, once you reach Bhuj you can avail the services of state transport buses and private jeeps.

Best Time to Visit

Do visit the Kutch region during the Rann of Kutch festival which is held during the December second week to January last week annually.

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Royal Chhatardis
Royal Chhatardis
Royal Chhatardis
Royal Chhatardis
Royal Chhatardis
Royal Chhatardis

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