Churches In Gujarat

In the Indian state of Gujarat, Christianity is regarded as a minority religion. There is majority of Hindus found in this state. There is a Gujarat Diocese of Church of North found here. The Ahmedabad Roman Catholic Diocese, the Gandhinagar Roman Catholic Archdiocese, the Baroda Roman Catholic Diocese, the Rajkot Syro-Malabar Catholic Diocese along with the Ahmedabad Orthodox Diocese consist of their seat in this state. There is also Indian National Full Gospel Churches Federation found here. There is considerably a large number of Christians found among the people belonging to Scheduled castes and Tribes.

Famous Churches

St Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Ahmedabad

St Francis Xavier Catholic Church is located at Navrangpura in the city of Ahmedabad. There is no specific style of art and architecture style found to be distinct in this Church. The Crucifix exhibits the Risen Christ – along with an Indian one. The Crucifix appears to be unique and attracts large number of people. It raises high the congregation and make the celebrant along with the alter to look down.

Church Of Christ, Vadodara

Church of Christ has been found to be an organization which is Government Registered. The Church consists of all the legal rights for performing religious ceremonies and for preaching the word of God.

Methodist Church, Maninagar

The members belonging to the Methodist Church believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior. There is Holy Communion, Prayer, Bible study, Fellowship and Service and Responsible Giving found.

St. James Church, Baroda

St James Church is a well known church commonly called as the White Church and is one of the ancient churches in India. St. James Church is an epitome of 19th century Gothic, however there is low pitched roof which exhibits more of a classical style. The White Church is in dedication of the loving memory of James Sutherland Esquire (1790-1840), Resident at the Court of Highness the 'Guicoward' and Political commissioner of Guzerat.

Jesus Temple Bible Church, Vadodara

The Jesus Temple has been an idea which got inspiration by God for enabling the worship of Jesus with whatever the culture of India could offer. It is believed that Jesus Temple is neither a charity, nor any religious organization.


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