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St Francis Xavier Catholic Church Ahmedabad

The Catholics of India like Saint Francis Xavier very much. He came to India in the state of Goa on May 6, 1542 after a long voyage. During the times of St Francis Xavier in the country he used to roam here and there through streets and would ring his bell to call upon children for hearing the Word of God. He played a vital role in restoring Catholicism in the regions of coastal area, where the sign of Christianity was at the threshold of disappearing because of lack of priests. He was very impressive and persuasive in his preaching in the western parts of the country and hence converted many, and made arduous journeys to Ceylon as well. Often he had to face several hardships as well as cruel response from the rulers of the India. Even the soldiers of Portuguese also disappointed him through their rude behavior.

In the year 1545, he had gone to Malacca and he worked hard there for several years and succeeded in converting a large number of the locals. He came back to Goa in the year 1548 and developed a novitiate along with a house of studies. Along with few missionaries, he went to Japan in the year 1549.

The whole first year had been spent in learning the language of Japanese and also translation of prominent articles of faith into their language. It was by the year 1551 that he had established Christianity to a large extent there however he did not get a very good response from the local leaders but still he had developed the nucleus of various Christian communities which increased with the passage of time at a high pace. He then in 1552 came back to Goa. There he had to encounter the domestic troubles. After the settlement of such issues Saint Francis focused on China. In that very year he left for China. Although prior to reaching the preferred destination he became unwell and went to the shores living in a rough hut built. In such miserable conditions, he did not even get benefit of a burial as per Christian system he died there.

St Francis was a noble man belonging to Basque family and had never thought of spending his life’s last years in Eastern countries. However in a time period of just ten years he had managed to go across the seas a number of times for his preaching in several different places. The enthusiasm with which he accomplished his mission and the miracles that happened through him made him the greatest missionary from the times of Apostles.

After a couple of weeks of his breathing his last his body got recovered and was seen to be incorrupt and it was sent to Goa where there was so much of enthusiasm and devotion in the people. He got beatified by Pope Paul V in the year 1619. In Goa there is a shrine of his body in the church which is taken care of by the Society of Jesus. In the year 1614, right arm got severed and was taken to Rome where there was erection of an altar for receiving it at Church of Gesu.

The Veneration of Saint remains unabated in India.

“Collect: God our Father, by the preaching of Francis Xavier you brought many nations to yourself. Give his zeal for the faith to all who believe in you, that your Church may rejoice in continued growth throughout the world. Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.”
St. Francis Xavier has been recognized as the Patron of the missions by the church. 3rd December is considered as the feast day.


The state of Gujarat has a St Francis Xavier Catholic Church which is quite popular among the people. It is located at Navrangpura in the city of Ahmedabad. There is no specific style of art or architecture found unique to the Church.

There is a Risen Christ witnessed by crucifix and also an Indian one. The Crucifix draws attention of the people and is unique. It raises the congregation and has celebrant along with the Alter at the bottom.

Constructed on the campus of St. Xavier’s College in 2001, it has a beautiful church whose unique hallmark has been the Risen Christ which offers an aesthetic view having an Indian resonance in addition for welcoming people which draws attention of the people and call them for worship. There is another interesting facet called as “Navrangpura” referred to as a complete spectrum having 9 colors and it resembles the 9 ethnic communities constituting the parish.


The Church Building

"The Church has not adopted any particular style of art as her own. The art of our own times from every race and country shall also be given free scope in the Church, provided it bring to the task the reverence and honor due to the sacred buildings and rites".

The modern liturgical principles "spaces," further embodied in the committee of Bishops on the 1978 Liturgy document is seen to be expressing in the Church of parish of Xavier. Mr Errol Reubens, an architect who belonged to Ahmedabad, himself got converted and married to a catholic willing to express the God immensity. He had designed the Church having broad and high ceilings, huge windows, soaring walls along with a dramatic alter that dominated and caught the fancies of people as promptly as they enter the mammoth main door. The crucifix lies on the wall which faces the main door. The Crucifix exhibits the Risen Christ – along with an Indian one. Having a dhoti adorned with gold zari as well as a flowing angavastram falling around his shoulders. The beautiful face of Risen Christ appears to be tender and demanding of viewer. There is loveradiated by his face and conveys the message of love and peace.

The Crucifix

The Crucifix had been ordered from "Liturgical Images" in Bandra, Mumbai. Sister Vimla had played a vital role in selection of the Crucifix. The Crucifix has a unique attraction. It raises above the congregation and the celebrant along with the alter are looked down.


  • There is Medical Fund meant for under privileged.
  • General fund meant to help needy families.
  • Education Fund meant to help the deprived students.
  • Donations may be offered through cash/DDs/ crossed cheques in favor of Catholic Church, Navrangpura, to be paid at Ahmedabad.

In order to benefit the exemption of tax people are requested to make the cheque in favor of Gujarat Education Society payable at Ahmedabad. Donations above Rs 2,000/- are eligible for tax exemption.

Mass Timings

  • Monday 1830 hrs English Mass
  • Tuesday 1830 hrs English Mass
  • Wednesday 1830 hrs English Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Succor followed by Mass
  • Thursday 1830 hrs Gujarati Mass
  • Friday 1830 hrs English Mass followed by Adoration
  • Saturday 1830 hrs English Mass
  • Sunday 0730 hrs Gujarati Mass
    • 0830 hrs English Mass
    • 0945 hrs Malayalam Mass
    • 1830 hrs English Mass

Sunday school is held on all Sundays after 0830 Mass. The classes are conducted in English and Gujarati.

Confessions are heard before each mass and on request.

Emergency -any time

Parish personnel may be met by prior appointment during any other time.

Office Timings

Daily – Morning – 0830 hrs to 1030 hrs

Evening – 1630 hrs to 1730 hrs

Sunday – before and after each mass

Contact Details

St. Francis Xavier Parish

St. Xavier’s College Campus Navrangpura,Ahmedabad – 380 009 Gujarat India

Tel: +91 – 79 – 26302488

Email us:[email protected]

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St Francis Xavier Catholic Church Ahmedabad
St Francis Xavier Catholic Church Ahmedabad
St Francis Xavier Catholic Church Ahmedabad
St Francis Xavier Catholic Church Ahmedabad
St Francis Xavier Catholic Church Ahmedabad
St Francis Xavier Catholic Church Ahmedabad

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