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Methodist Church Maninagar

The Methodist Church, located in Maninagar, Gujarat was established in 1972 and functions on the belief that accepting Lord Jesus as your savior and committing your life to serve Him and His ideals is the path to true salvation. The Church helps members overcome the problems and setbacks of the past and look ahead to a bright future through Holy Communion Fellowship and Service, Prayer and Bible Study and Responsible Giving.

Role of the Methodist Church

The Church is committed to spreading the gospel of the Bible – ‘Preach the Word’. The pastors and administrators believe that it is the responsibility bestowed upon them by the Lord to work for the wellness of the people and build up the Church to a position where it can contribute to the development of the society and gain in strength. The Methodist Church is treated like the body of Lord Jesus Christ. Believers and volunteers working for the Church encourage themselves and others to be committed towards conducting meetings and events scheduled at various times of the year.

The Working of the Methodist Church

Regular programs and events are conducted by the administrators to spread the message of the Lord. The members are committed to improve the lives of fellow citizens and believers through regularly conducted Holy Communion, Services and Prayers. Study of the Holy Bible is also held for the benefit of members and participants to help them understand the importance of serving people without expecting any returns or obligation.

The Philosophy of the Church

Methodist Church works on the premise that their Church is not merely a building. The people who work in the Church and help in improving the standard and quality of life of those who come in contact with the church. The volunteers and members of the Methodist Church are of the firm belief that the Lord who created this beautiful world and everything in it does not live in temples and churches build by humans but reside in those individuals who believe in Him and his teachings.

Committees Managing the Church Affairs

The day-to-day affairs of the Church and other areas of administration are managed by various committees with well-defined responsibilities and tasks. The key committees of the Methodist Church include the Nomination, Evangelism and Mission, Stewardship and Finance, Education and Nurture Committee, Social Concern, Property of the Pastoral Charge, Daycare Committee, Medical Committee and Women’s Society of Christian Servicer among others.

The Methodist Church teaches members the value of learning from past history and how to use the past experiences as lessons for better management of our lives and those associated with us, both personally and professionally. It advocates the philosophy: ‘Stop living in the past and look towards the future afresh with renewed energy and enthusiasm.’

How to Reach

Maninagar is in Ahmadabad City of Gujarat and is easily accessible by road and rail. Maninagar is just about 8 km from Ahmadabad and can be reached by road in less than 30 minutes. The nearest railway station is Ahmadabad Railway Station.

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Methodist Church Maninagar
Methodist Church Maninagar
Methodist Church Maninagar
Methodist Church Maninagar
Methodist Church Maninagar
Methodist Church Maninagar

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