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St Jame Church Baroda

Many would have visited St James Church, popularly called White Church, in Fatehgunj and even prayed there, but few would know that it is probably among two of the oldest existing churches in the state. The other one is in Surat.

Like almost all religious institutions, Vadodara’s churches, too, tell a facinating story about a people and a belief that found a comfortable hearth in the city. Perhaps the most comprehensive tale of all is told by Fatehgunj’s St James Church-popularly known as the White Church-which is one of the oldest churches in the country.

The White Church is dedicated to the memory of James Sutherland Esquire (1790-1840), Political Commissioner for 'Guzerat' and Resident at the Court of Highness the 'Guicoward'.

The East India Company had with them their chaplains since their earliest days.


St. James Church has an eventful history and Its history dates back to the arrival of the Protestant missionaries in Gujarat in the early 17 century, following the establishment of the factories of the East India Company. A number of churches were built during this period. In 1814 Thomas Fanshawe Middleton was consecrated Bishop of Calcutta; his jurisdiction included not only the whole of India and Sri Lanka but also Australia.

The appointment of Bishop Middleton and the establishment of British power in Gujarat led to an increase in the number of company chaplains. The company maintained an Anglican Chaplain in Surat. The first chaplain of Baroda, Henry Jeffereys, was appointed in 1818. The church was consecrated by Bishop of Calcutta Reginald Heber in 1825 along with two other churches in Surat and Kheda. But the church in Kheda is now in ruins even as the ones in Vadodara and Surat are still in regular use.

Baroda, with its British Residency, continued to be a British military and civil hub for many years. In November 1870, William Taylor, a leading preacher and evangelist, arrived in Bombay. In 1872, he was invited to Baroda by a group of army officers-mainly European and Anglo-Indian-in the service of the Gaekwads of Baroda.

Since its inception, the church has grown significantly with increased membership. In 1992, the church took over a small church at Jamoli village in Bharuch district after Gujarat Diocese proposed that the bigger churches should adopt smaller and weaker churches. Since then Jamoli church has also prospered considerably.

According to Daniel Deepak, a priest at the St James Church, the church had held a grand celebration of its 175 years of establishment in the year 2000. "Prayers were held and everyone connected with the church was given mementos. Those who had seen the church since years recalled the old days," he said


So far as the architecture is concerned, like all churches in Gujarat, this, too, owes a lot to the artistic ability and historical interests of J Sinclair Stevenson, who developed an attractive Indian-Gothic style. St. James Church is a very early example of 19th century Gothic, though the low pitched roof is more akin to the classical style.


  • General Fund - for education and medical for the needy families and others.

Mass Timings

English Morning Worship Service at 8:00 AM every Sunday

Gujarati Service at 9:30 AM every Sunday

Contact Details

St James Church

Near Lady Piller Hospital,Fateganj,Vadodara - 390002 (Gujarat)

Contact Mr Rev Daniel Deepak

Phone +(91)-(265)-2794188

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St Jame Church Baroda
St Jame Church Baroda
St Jame Church Baroda
St Jame Church Baroda
St Jame Church Baroda
St Jame Church Baroda

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