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Jesus Temple Bible Church Vadodara

The Jesus Temple Bible Church situated in Vadodara, an important city of the Gujarat, India is a home based family church that promotes peace, love and affection among fellow humans. The famous church attracts hordes of people regularly and is believed to be the seat of powerful religious belief, not only among the Christians but also among people of other castes, creed and religion.

A Brief History

The Jesus Temple Bible Church was constructed in 1973 and was the result of a concept inspired by those who have faith in Jesus to help others find true peace and love. The church was the effort of those who believed in practicing the entire teachings of Jesus Christ as detailed in the Bible. They believe that the Church is not merely a place of worship of followers of Christianity but where people worship for the spirit of love and unity.

Unlike most other religious places, the Jesus Temple Bible Church at Vadodara is neither a religious organization nor is it a charity. It is an extension of the Universal Church where the body of the holy Lord and the soul of Jesus blends together to create eternal peace and happiness. The followers of the Jesus Temple believe in living a life just as suggested and written in the Bible in every aspect.

Activities at the Jesus Temple Bible Church

The ISOM Bible Video Course

The Jesus Temple Bible Church at Vadodara offers the globally recognized ISOM or International School of Ministry Bible School syllabus which help followers of Christ get a deeper understanding about the message of the Lord. The ISOM is recognized as the largest video Bible School. It has a presence in over 142 countries and over 14,000 training sites. The course is conducted in more than 65 languages. The video course is flexible and can be completed at a schedule that fits the lifestyle and professional commitments of the individuals. Successful students are given a diploma and a bachelor’s degree.

Bible Study Plus Satsang

This is a community program held every Saturday from 900 to 1200 Hrs. The program includes fasting (skipping Saturday morning breakfast) and praying for the welfare of the people and the city. People are counseled to overcome adverse situations in life, suicidal tendencies, illnesses, and taught how to focus on the healing powers of the Lord.

Children’s Sunday School

This program is held every Sunday morning from 1030Hrs to 1200Hrs and aims at helping children understand the wisdom of the teachings of Jesus Christ. They are taught the importance of following the path shown by the Lord which will assure a great present and an amazing future. The program is conducted in the open in a sprawling, beautiful park. The amazing gifts of nature are used as objects to spread the message of love and God.

Vadodara Ladies Fellowship

The Ladies Fellowship program is held every Wednesday from 11AM to 12AM and helps women become a better wife, parent and a professional. The event is a great place to meet new people and make more friends. It is a welcome departure for ladies from the gossip and junk food associated with kitty parties and they all wholeheartedly welcome this change.

How to Reach

The nearest railway station is Vadodara which is part of an important rail network in Gujarat. There are rickshaws and cabs available from the station to take you to your destination. State transport buses as well as private buses are available from major towns and cities. If you wish to take a flight, then you can reach Vadodara conveniently. Vadodara airport is situated just outside the city and has flights landing and taking off at frequent intervals from all over India.

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Jesus Temple Bible Church Vadodara
Jesus Temple Bible Church Vadodara
Jesus Temple Bible Church Vadodara
Jesus Temple Bible Church Vadodara
Jesus Temple Bible Church Vadodara
Jesus Temple Bible Church Vadodara

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