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Shahpur Methodist Church Ahmedabad

This Church caters to the religious needs of the Christian community living north of Relief Road because initially it was the part of Raikhad Methodist Church. The Church is not old but even then it is popular among the Shahpur area Christians. The energetic and young pastors and devotees with hand in hand renovated the Church with the erection of minaret. This Church is spiritually very vibrant. The Church is strategically located between Khemani chambers and Nandan society near Vishwa bharti high school.


A meeting of those Methodist members residing on north of Relief Road was called by Rev. R. M. Rathod on 26-1-1973 presented a plan to form a seprate Church, Known as a Shahpur Methodist Church from the mother Church, Raikhad Methodist Church. Consequently the Shahpur church came in to existence from 1st April, 1973. Connected to the Church was a social center.

After the morning worship was over at the Raikhad Methodist Church on Sunday. 25th, March, 1973. Rev. C.J.Parmar informed the congregation that a new church was built in Shahpur and those members of the Church who lived north of the Relief Road were to be given farewell. So the pastor invited those members who were to join the Shahpur Methodist Church near the pulpit and offered bouquets to each one of them, offered the parting prayer and blessing and bid farewell to them.

On Sunday, April, 4th 1973, the members of the Shahpur Methodist Church arrived at the new premises of the church. They had the first worship service in the new church building. Rev. G.T.Johnson preached the first sermon to the congregation and welcomed the members. It was a great occasion and the joy of the church members knew no bounds.

The Shahpur Methodist church got a ready-made church building, without having to bear any financial obligation. District Superintendent Rev V. Master purchased this land for the church with money provided by Gujarat Annual conference. It was planned that a social center will be organized along with the church. The groundbreaking ceremony for the church was performed by Bishop A.J.Shaw. The building constructions activities suffered due to some rules of Municipality but these were sorted out by District Superintendent Revered R. M. Rathore and Municipal commissioner. The financial constraints were also eased by the Methodist Board’s office in New York. On the completion of the Church building and Social Center it was dedicated for the Glory of God by Bishop R. D. Joshi on 13 the August,1972.

Rev. B.S.parmar started a new tradition of observing a Thanksgiving Day on one of the Sunday of month of November, and taught us to be thankful to the Lord for his blessings. He also introduced to have tea-time fellowship after the worship service on Sunday once twice a month, so that there can be more closer relation among the members of the church. The Mahila Mandal(WSCS) has became more active on account of efforts by Mrs. Meriben Parmar, wife of the Pastor.


The Shahpur Methodist Church front face is attractive. A Minaret is there with a Church bell positioned over it.

The Crucifix

The Crucifix shows the Risen Christ and an Indian with a dhoti trimmed with gold zari and a flowing angavastram around his shoulders. The face of this Risen Christ is singularly beautiful, tender, yet demanding of the viewer. The face radiates love and demands that love should be returned.


  • Social works of under privileged are taken up.
  • Well kept religious library for reading room.
  • Indoor games for children’s of all age.
  • Tailoring classes especially for women.
  • Counseling for causes.

Contact Details

Shahpur Methodist Church

Bahai Center, Shahpur,.Ahmedabad - 380001. Gujarat (INDIA)

Phone: (079) 2550 3545, Mobile: Rev. Vijay Mekwan 9824269347

Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

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Shahpur Methodist Church Ahmedabad
Shahpur Methodist Church Ahmedabad
Shahpur Methodist Church Ahmedabad
Shahpur Methodist Church Ahmedabad
Shahpur Methodist Church Ahmedabad
Shahpur Methodist Church Ahmedabad

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