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Dada Harir Vav Stepwell

Towards the northeast of the Ahmadabad city, is a quaint little village known as Asarva village by the side of the lake by same name. Somewhat beyond the coal yards of the city of Ahmadabad, this village of Asarva stores in its lap, a beautiful but unused deep step well known as Dada Harir Vav. It may be a place which can get missed if tourists travel by foot and are not aware about its presence. Such is the location that only people knowing about this place can reach there. As in most parts of Gujarat where water storage systems were required for the semi arid climate and little rainfall, the construction of Dada Harir Vav step well was done with the same intention. Supposed to be dating back to more than 500 years ago, this step well also reflects a great degree of architectural brilliance.


Historians are of the belief that Dada Harir Ni Vav step well was built somewhere around 1500 AD which makes it more than 500 years old. This seven storied step well was constructed by Bai Harir Sultani, also known as Dada Harir, who was the custodian of the royal harem. It was built during the rule of Sultan Muhammed Shah. This information is evident from the Sanskrit inscription found at this site. It has been estimated that the cost of making this deep well must have gone into around 1 lakh rupees during those times. From its surrounding, it is supposed that the construction was done in a garden but the present remnants are completely worn out making this ornate structure very inconspicuous.

Present day Condition

Managed by the Archaeological Survey of India, the condition of Dada Harir Vav step well is ruins. Even though the top floors of this seven storeyed deep well are worn out due to neglect and lack of attention, the lower floors still maintain their architectural designs. Near the Vav are a few tombs, one of these belonging to Dada Harir near to which a small mosque has been built. From the external remaining structures, it can be seen that water from the well was drawn up using bullock carts, so the water flowed into various canals which was then used by people.


Going down into the middle of the well is possible through a long flight of stairs which go along the wall through the seven floors of Dada Harir Vav step well. As one descends through these steps, various carvings and inscriptions can be seen depicting various incidences from the life of people of that era. Some of the inscriptions can be seen in Sanskrit and Arabic, reflecting the influence of these sentiments in the architectural styling. Occasionally during the day, when the sun is shining high in the sky, light falls through the large gaping holes on the top. Besides this sunlight, the rest of the areas inside Dada Harir Vav step well remain cool. Each of the pillars supporting the structure and the stairs are well decorated with intricate carvings. Floral patterns are quite common, arches and columns are well decorated in Hindu and Muslim architecture. The octagonal shaped well is clearly visible till the bottom which contains water but was supposed to be full in the past and provide cool water for travellers and people of the city.

Reaching There

Since Dada Harir Vav is close to the city of Ahmadabad, it can be reached by buses as well as by private taxis. But, it is difficult to find this place exactly as there are very few leads towards its direction. Local guides and residents can guide towards this beautiful structure. Being in an isolated area and lack of proper communication has kept it free from heavy traffic and probably has helped in preserving its architecture till date.

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Dada Harir Vav Stepwell
Dada Harir Vav Stepwell
Dada Harir Vav Stepwell
Dada Harir Vav Stepwell
Dada Harir Vav Stepwell
Dada Harir Vav Stepwell

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