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Sikander Shahs Tomb Halol

Sikander Shah, son of Mahmud Begada, was assassinated during 1526AD in a place called Champaner, however, he was buried in Halol. The place where he was buried is known today as the Tomb of Sikander Shah. This tomb is slightly damaged as is evident from its upper portion. Like all other tombs of erstwhile rulers, this tomb is a beautiful structure constructed out of stone. This tomb stands on an elevated plinth that has intricate carvings of flowers and other artistic designs on its pillars. There are also carvings of geometrical designs on these pillars. The domes are fluted and the architecture, though looks quite simple, is elegant and unique its own way. This tomb also houses the graves of the two brothers of Sikander Shah.

How to Reach

By Air

The nearest airport to Halol is the Vadodara airport which is about 36km away from this place.

By Rail

The nearest railway station to Halol is the Champaner Road Junction which is about 9m away from here. The main railway station of Vadodara is about 41km away from Halol and it is well connected to all the important train stations in the country.

By Road

Champaner town is just about 45km from Vadodara. There are lots of buses – both government and private sector, cars on rent and cabs that ply between Vadodara and Champaner.

Related Image

Sikander Shahs Tomb Halol
Sikander Shahs Tomb Halol
Sikander Shahs Tomb Halol
Sikander Shahs Tomb Halol
Sikander Shahs Tomb Halol
Sikander Shahs Tomb Halol

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